Stardew Valley’s “Favorite Thing” Explained | Easter Eggs and Cheats

At the start of every new game, you are prompted with the in-depth character creation menu with the ever-crucial decision of deciding your farm layout type which in itself takes the best of us 20 minutes to decide. However, you will notice that after you type in your farmer’s name, you must also type your “favorite thing”. What does that mean? What does it do? In this guide, the purpose of the “favorite thing” will be gone over as well as the secrets and even hidden cheats that are available to have fun with.

What is the “Favorite Thing”?

How the “favorite thing” works is that whatever you type for it (it can literally be anything, even gibberish!), it will show up at the bottom of the screen as a thought given to the player whenever a stardrop is consumed. For example, if a player says that their “favorite thing” is cake, then whenever a stardrop is eaten, the player will be given flavor text that states how they are reminded of cake in itself, stating:

“You found a stardrop! It’s strange, but the taste reminds you of cake. Your maximum energy level has increased.”

Neat right? Other than that, the “favorite thing” will not affect gameplay whatsoever unless you specifically use it for cheats (as shown later in this article), and is instead just a wholesome addition to this cozy game.

Secret “Favorite Thing” Flavor Texts

Not all “favorite thing” flavor texts are the same! In fact, there are many fan-favorite choices due to the unique reactions you can get out of them. For example, If you put in the name ConcernedApe (aka the creator of Stardew Valley, Eric Barone’s online name), you will receive a special easter egg message from him stating:

“You found a stardrop! Your mind is filled with thoughts of… ConcernedApe? (Well, thanks!)”

One other secret favorite thing message is when you type it as “Stardew” itself. When used, the following message will show:

“You found a stardrop! You feel an unwavering connection to the valley itself..”

“Favorite Thing” Cheats

While the player’s favorite thing can be kept as a cute addition to the game, it can actually also be used as a special gameplay advantage. Each item in the game has a 1-3 digit item number code that you can easily find online. If you put in a code as your farmer’s name or “favorite thing”, then every time it is mentioned in dialog or flavor text, the items will spawn into your inventory! For example, if you wanted to repeatedly spawn prismatic shardssweet gem berries, and rabbit’s foot, you would use the codes [74] [417] [447]. If you use these codes as my “favorite thing”, then you will get these items every time you eat a stardrop as the flavor text will state:

“You found a stardrop! It’s strange, but the taste reminds you of [74] [417] [447].”

And just like that, those items will magically spawn into your inventory! You can even use it to spawn more stardrops or iridium snake milk to increase your max health and energy! Have fun!

“Favorite Thing” Ideas!

If you have trouble deciding what you want your farmer’s “favorite thing” to be, here are some fun ideas!

  • Junimos – Who doesn’t love those little guys? Especially with all of the care they provide to the valley, let’s show some love to them.
  • Lucky Purple Shorts – What’s funnier than having this iconic mysterious fruit remind us farmers of Mayor Lewis’ famous underwear? As if the man couldn’t get humiliated enough.
  • Your Real Name – For players that like to use different names for their farmers, why not have them think of you? You are the one controlling them after all. It’s a cool fourth-wall break!

Stardrop Locations

For those who want to try and find stardrops right away, here is a list of all stardrop locations and how to get them in order from easiest to most rigorous.

  1. Level 100 in Pelican Town’s Mines – This is usually the first stardrop that players will get. Simply reach the last level in the mines, which you will need to do as you gather more resources and complete the “To The Bottom?” quest.
  2. The Stardew Valley Fair – On the 16th of Fall, the fair comes to town! At the shop, a stardrop will be up for sale for 2,000 star tokens, the currency for the fair. Make sure to bring your best items for the grange display competition and bet on green at the wheel in hopes of getting it!
  3. Krobus in the Sewers – When you unlock the sewers after donating 60 items to the museum, Krobus will be selling a stardrop for 20,000g. You better save up!
  4. Your Spouse/Roommate at Max Friendship – After you marry or invite Krobus as your roommate, keep giving them gifts to get them to 14 hearts and they will give you back a free stardrop!
  5. Old Master Cannoli – In the Secret Woods, a statue named Old Master Cannoli will be there requesting the “sweetest taste”, aka a sweet gem berry. You can get a Rare Seed at the Traveling Cart for 600-1,000g, but be sure to plant it in early fall or in a greenhouse as they take 24 days to grow. Simply give one to the statue and he will give you your stardrop in thanks.
  6. Master Angler – For this stardrop, you must be able to catch every single fish in the game, including the infamous legendary fish! Be sure to get plenty of practice and use good tackle like cork and trap bobber and Willy will send you a stardrop in the mail as a reward in no time!
  7. Finishing the Museum – This is by far probably the most time-consuming stardrop, as it is entirely luck based. You must collect all 95 items for the museum and Gunther will give you a stardrop as his final reward. Be sure to keep opening those geodes and tilling artifact spots!

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