Is it possible to miss an event in Stardew Valley? What about a character cutscene? The answer is yes, and some events you can’t get back. Learn how to never miss an event below.

Egg Festival Stardew Valley

There are a few different types of events in Stardew Valley. There are special events like festivals, random events that occur while you sleep, and Heart Events that happen as you build relationships with the townspeople. Events are some of the most exciting parts of the game. They disrupt the daily farming and foraging grind and give you new plot points in the story. Let’s break down the different events, so you never miss one!      


Festivals are special events that take place on specific days of the year. Don’t fret about checking your calendar, though; the game has a few ways of reminding you festivals are happening. First, you’ll get a letter in the mail from Mayor Lewis a few days prior to each festival to let you know when and where it’s taking place. If you venture into town early, you’ll find all the shops and homes closed (unless the festival takes place at night like Dance of the Moonlight Jellies). At the festival’s start time, a message will pop up on the left of your screen and let you know it’s beginning.

Even with all these hints, it’s possible to miss a festival. I’ve done it. You think, I’ll tend my crops and then run over to the mines real quick and still make it to the festival by noon. You get distracted, and before you know it, it’s 3pm and you’ve missed the whole thing! This is especially possible with festivals like the Flower Dance that don’t take place in the town square. This cute festival is notoriously hard to find for new players.   

The good thing about these festivals is that they happen every year. So if you do miss the Luau once, you can always make it next year. Pierre even sells the same items at his booth, so you won’t miss out on buying something special.

Random Events

Random events happen on the farm while your character sleeps. You can get everything from a Crop Fairy that grows all crops in a 5×5 area, a Meteorite that lands somewhere on the farm, or a Wild Animal Attack. Okay, in terms of Stardew Valley’s missable events, I’m not crying over never seeing the Wild Animal Attack. You actually lose one of your farm animals to wolves! If you want to avoid this one, make sure your farm critters are all inside with the barn and coop door closed. 

While these are chosen at random by the game, there is a chance of losing out on their easter eggs. For instance, with the Strange Capsule dropped by a UFO, the capsule breaks after a few days and triggers an event if you know where to look. It only happens once per save file, so if you miss it, it’s gone! Check out that linked guide so you don’t miss out!

There are also events that happen when you complete bundles in the Community Center. If you’re a real go-getter and complete two rooms in one day, you’ll only get to see one of the events it triggers overnight.

Heart Events

When it comes to Stardew Valley missable events, the biggest ones are the Heart Events. Each villager has a friendship meter of ten hearts. You earn a heart every time you accumulate 250 friendship points. Gain these by talking to them, completing their delivery requests, and gifting them items. Gaining these friendship hearts unlocks unique cutscenes with the villager, often referred to as Heart Events. 

Heart Events happen when you go to a certain area of the map during a specific time period. Most Heart Events don’t have a time limit on them. You could wait three weeks before you see one! BUT. There are THREE Heart Events that are permanently missable. And they are as follows:

Sam’s 3-Heart event can only be triggered in Spring, Summer, or Fall of Year 1. Go to the beach on a sunny day between 7am-3pm to see this.

Penny’s 4-Heart event will only trigger before the Community Center is complete and you upgrade a certain someone’s home. To see this event, enter the trailer when she’s home.

Clint’s 6-Heart event only happens if you saw his 3-Heart event, are not married to Emily, AND have not seen her 8-Heart or 10-Heart events. Yikes. For this cutscene, enter town from between 9am-6:30pm from the Cindersap Forest.

Stardew events are some of the most fun parts of the game. We hope this guide has helped so you never miss an event! It’s also worth noting that if you say no to Marnie when she offers you a pet early on in the game, she won’t ask you again and you’ll have to get a mod if you want one.

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