Stardew Valley: “An explosion was heard in the night…”


Life without unexpected events would be an incredibly dull experience. The same goes for gaming, after all, a little party never killed nobody. Therefore, to make your gaming journey more fun and vivid, developers have included some random events to Stardew Valley to shake things up. One of these surprising events is An explosion was heard in the night message.

Stardew Valley Meteorite

When you are asleep, strange things can happen. Your life can change overnight for better or worse. During the night, some random events can happen. In fact, in Stardew Valley, there is a range of strange events that can happen while you are asleep.

However, we will focus on Stardew Valley Meteorite explosion. 

This event rarely happens, and when we say rarely, we talk 1% chance. On the other hand, when it does happen, it looks pretty fascinating, or scary – depends on what type of person you are.

“An explosion was heard in the night…”


It is morning. You are in bed at your farm. The first message you receive is: “An explosion was heard in the night…” 

We agree you have seen better days. But, it is what it is. The next logical step is to check what happened. Where did that BOOM come from? Is there some damage made to your farm?

Long story short – the explosion comes from Meteorite, which looks like this.

The Meteorite hits a randomly chosen 3×3 area on the farm. It also explores to see if there’s a 2×2 area within. The 2×2 are should not contain any water, objects that block movement, buildings, resource clumps, or animals. If there is no such 2×2 area, then the event does nothing.

The sound effect of explosion plays and a meteorite appears the next day on the farm. Expect to see your crops, or paths in the area of the explosion destroyed. This can ruin your farming plans, especially if the crops you were taking care of, can bring you more profit than the loot from the meteorite.

How to despawn the Meteorite?

Meteorites are not completely useless. They can bring you some good, if you have the right tool to despawn them.

To do that, you will need a Gold pickaxe, or even stronger one to mine. The fewer hits an axe requires the better capacity to get the job done it has. For example, a Gold Pickaxe requires 7 hits from your side, while Iridium Pickaxe will take you one hit less to despawn the unexpected guest on your farm.

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