What Are Moonlight Jellies and Why is Their Dance so Important?

Are you wondering what all the hub-bub is about the Stardew Valley Moonlight Jellies? Are they useful for anything or are there any rare items to get during the Dance of the Moonlight Jellies Festival? After reading this complete guide, you will know everything you need to know about Moonlight Jellies!

Moonlight Jellies at the Dance of the Moonlight Jellies Festival.
Moonlight Jellies at the Dance of the Moonlight Jellies Festival.

Description of Stardew Valley Moonlight Jellies

Stardew Valley Moonlight Jellies, or Lunaloos, are large luminescent jellyfish that pass by the Pelican Town beach every summer during their migration. They are attracted towards the docks by the light of a torch. Normally they are a light blue color, but occasionally, a rare green jelly with a different body shape can be spotted.

They are called Moonlight Jellies by the majority of the population of Pelican Town. However, if you speak to the Wizard during the festival, he will called them Lunaloos. He explains that they even possess “an unusually potent magical aura for an aquatic life form”.

You cannot interact with the jellies during the festival. Their dance is just a peaceful moment where you can enjoy a magical experience with just your significant other and/or the Pelican Town residents.

The dialogue option with the Wizard at the Festival.
The dialogue option with the Wizard at the Festival.

The Dance of the Moonlight Jellies

This festival is the only time during the year where you can find moonlight jellies near Pelican Town. Like the many other festival that take place, there many things to interact with during the festival’s time. There is a shop for you to buy unique items from, many people to talk with, and the overall activity of watching the jellies “dance”.

When the Dance of the moonlight jellies takes place

This festival takes place on summer’s last day, the 28th. It is an event that rings in the last of summers warmth before autumn begins.

To attend the festival, you need to travel to the beach between 10 PM and 12 AM, though attending the festival is not required.

You will not be able to access the beach area before 10 PM that day. Even using a beach warp totem will not allow you access. A message will pop-up saying “Today’s festival is being set up, come back later”, and the warp totem will be consumed.

Once the festival ends, after the jelly’s dance, you will be returned to the farm at precisely 12 AM.

The summer Stardew Valley calendar
The summer Stardew Valley calendar

For a complete guide of the Stardew Valley calendar, and how to use it to keep track of important happenings, check out our detailed guide.

Everything you can do during Stardew Valley moonlight jellies festival

During this event, every Pelican Town resident will be available to talk before the jelly’s dance. Interacting with them will bring up a unique festival dialogue about their thoughts and feelings surrounding the experience.

If you have not repaired the beach bridge yet, it will be temporarily fixed during Festival time. Some villagers can be found waiting for the jellies on the other side of the repaired bridge.

Another a small interesting factor is that if you have any crab pots in the beach area they will not be present during the festival. Do not worry though as they will reappear the following morning.

Pierre’s Shop

As with most other festivals, Pierre sets up a booth and sells unique items during this time. These items are mostly decorative, though there is one important consumable (seafoam pudding).

Seafoam Pudding.png Seafoam Pudding5,000 gold
Modern Rug.png Modern Rug4,000 gold
Cloud Decal 1.png Cloud Decal 1.pngCloud Decals1,200 gold
Starport Decal.png Starport Decal1,000 gold
Moonlight Jellies Banner.png Moonlight Jellies Banner800 gold
You can only buy one seafoam pudding at this event. It is an incredibly useful dish because it adds a +4 fishing buff.

Watching the Jellies Dance

After you have bought any items you want and talked to the villagers, you can begin the main event by talking to Mayor Lewis. Interacting with him will bring up a dialogue asking if you are ready. Make sure you are before selecting yes, because the festival will end directly after the jelly’s dance. After you select yes, the cutscene begins.

Mayor Lewis will light a torch, bringing in a bloom of jellies towards the docks. They will swim closer to the wooden pier and perform their dance then the scene will be over. If you have a spouse or fiancé they will be standing next to you during the cutscene. Nothing crazy or sudden happens during this time, it is just a magical, calm moment to share with the Pelican Town community.

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