Maple Bar: Cooking, Benefits, and More

Are you looking for a new dish with loads of buffs and healing effects? Perhaps, you’re looking for a Maple Bar! It’s a quick and simple dish; here’s a guide to help you make it!

A player holding a maple bar in Stardew Valley.
Some sweets before you start your day!

There are many mouthwatering dishes that you can get in Stardew Valley. But some may not be worth your gold as they offer limited benefits in buffs and healing.

If you want a cheap method to get these advantages, try making a Maple Bar! This guide will walk you through everything you’ll need to cook this dish.

Important Questions

What is a Maple Bar?

A list of benefits of a maple bar in stardew valley.
Here’s everything you need to make it!

It’s a cooked dish made in the kitchen of an upgraded farmhouse or a cookout kit. And consuming it helps restore your health and energy. It even offers buffs to enhance your Mining, Fishing, and Farming skills.

Moreover, adding Qi Seasoning increases its healing effect and buff duration by 50%. It also adds +1 to each buff. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of a Maple Bar (M.B) with and without this special add-on:

Healing Effect and BuffsWithout SeasoningWith Seasoning
Buff Duration16 mins and 47s25 mins and 11s

Facts and Information


A monologue from the Queen of Sauce in Stardew Valley.
Don’t miss out on these fantastic recipes!

Preparing for this snack only requires three ingredients, including a Maple Syrup, Sugar, and Wheat Flour. You’ll commonly find these items around Pelican Town and your farm.

However, you’ll only get this recipe on the 14th of Summer Year 2 in The Queen of Sauce channel.

Selling Price

Aside from eating it, you can also sell it for 300g. If you add the seasoning to it, the cost of this good becomes 450g.


A player wearing a yellow shirt in Stardew Valley.
Are you looking for a summer outfit? Here’s one for you!

It’s also possible to make a Dirt Shirt from it and some orange dyes for your pots.


Sam loves this snack, while other NPCs would also be pleased to receive it. But Krobus, Leo, and Willy are exceptions since they dislike it.


Not used in any quests


Not used in any bundles.

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