How to Move Chests Easily in Stardew Valley?

Do you want to innovate an empty space in Stardew Valley? Is your storage a mess, and you want a quick fix? Read this guide on how to move chests in the game!

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Which one’s the best?

Storage for different items is crucial to your gameplay in Stardew Valley. As you level up, unlock more crafting recipes, and discover new areas, there’s a big chance for loot. And if your inventory can’t accommodate them, there’s a convenient place waiting for you.

Renovations happen inevitably, especially with bigger houses. With everything in disorder, how to move chests in a better location now? Whether it’s loaded or empty, here’s a guide to help you!

How to Move Chests on PC

There are two scenarios you might encounter while dealing with chests:

1. It’s loaded with items.

2. It’s empty.

If it’s empty, you can hit it with any tool other than Scythe to destroy it. You may also remove it with bare hands, but you’ll have to click Mouse 1 fast! Pick it up as you walk over it and place it to your heart’s desire.

On the other hand, you can quickly move a loaded chest with Mouse 2 with a couple of clicks. It’ll move one tile in the direction you’re facing. If it’s in an enclosed space, it’ll hop onto the closest vacant spot.

How to Move Chests on Mobile

It’s important to know that the PC version has the latest 1.5 update while Android and iOS have Despite this, there’s little difference when moving chests from the Windows version, with some exceptions.

For the similarities, the second button will destroy the Chest if empty (same as tools). However, you can’t move or break them. Instead, you’ll have to manually unload all items and transfer them to a secure spot before getting the Chest.


Before the 1.5 update, hitting any Chest with a Pickaxe, Axe or Hoe will leave a mess on your farm. Items are scattered on the floor, and you’ll need to pick them up and store them somewhere safe. Hopefully, with the recent “Quality of Life” update, the convenience accessible to Windows and macOS will become available on other platforms with lower versions.

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