52 Stardew Main Quest: Full Guide to Solving Them Easily

When you move into Pelican Town, you’re immediately greeted with various stories or main quests. You might wonder, what are these quests, and what is their relevance to your gameplay? Here we’ll discuss each of them and how you can complete each task!

A player completing main quest in Stardew Valley.

There are several quests in Stardew Valley; there’s the  Special Orders Board, Mr. Qi’s Special Orders, and of course, the Main Quests. While the main tasks are likely to help you earn more Friendship Hearts with villagers in Stardew Valley and learn more about their stories.

If you’re interested in getting spoiled, read further to learn about these quests and how to solve them quickly!

Main Quest List

Aside from the Help Wanted Board at the bulletin board of Pierre’s General Store, there are also 52 main quests in Stardew Valley. The task from the board and main quest are quite similar since it includes item delivery tasks which means you still need to collect random items. But their difference is the amount of pay you get.

However, some assignments can be tricky to solve, while others are a piece of cake. Here’s a pro-tip: you’ll need patience and hard work to complete each of them. But if you fail to complete them, there’s no penalty to worry about!

1. Introductory Quest

A player encountering the introductions quest in Stardew Valley.
Good luck with meeting all of them!

This first quest requires you to meet 28 villagers in Stardew Valley.  It’s a nice gesture for a new farmer like you to introduce yourself to everyone.

However, this doesn’t include Kent, Krobus, and other villagers that aren’t accessible in town. You must converse with them and earn 100 Friendship Points with each townsperson once greeted. Below are the NPCs you need to hunt down to accomplish the assignment:

Marriageable CandidatesNon-Marriageable Candidates

2. How to Win Friends

A player encountering the how to win friends quest in Stardew Valley.
Do you know every villager’s most loved gift?

After meeting all villagers in the town, you are now assigned to offer them gifts. This main quest doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to give everyone something. You can just choose one character. Once you’ve successfully gifted an item to a character, you’ll receive 100g.

3. Getting Started

A player encountering the getting started main quest in Stardew Valley.
Here’s where your green thumb starts in Stardew Valley.

In this main quest, you’ll find a box in your room containing Parsnips. This is the first step in starting your farming career, and you’ll need to use a hoe to get tilled soil and a seed packet of the mentioned crop. After harvesting and cultivating it, you’ll get 100g in return.

4. To The Beach

A player encountering the to the beach quest in Stardew Valley.
Would you enjoy fishing or would you dislike it?

On the second day of Spring, you’ll receive a letter from Willy. He’s the town’s local fisherman and asks you to pay him a visit to the beach south of Pelican Town. Upon meeting him, he’ll tell you he was good friends with your grandpa. Before the cutscene ends, you’ll get a Bamboo Pole to begin your fishing career. 

5. Raising Animals

A player encountering the raising animals quest in Stardew Valley.
Well, Coops are interesting. How much do you think would it cost you?

Before starting this fourth main quest, you must first complete getting started before finding this task in your journal. Once triggered, you’re supposed to visit Robin’s Carpenter’s Shop and purchase a Coop or a Barn. Note that you don’t need to get an animal just yet; you just need the building. Completion of this task also gives 100g.

6. Advancement

A player encountering the advancement quest in Stardew Valley.
You’re on a journey of improving your farming skills in Stardew Valley.

To grow your farm, you’ll need to take things slowly. It includes working on your farming skill level. In this main quest, you must reach Farming Level 01 and craft a Scarecrow. Your reward for completing this challenge is 100g. However, you must finish Getting Started before starting this quest.

7. Explore the Mine

A player receiving the explore the Mine quest in Stardew Valley.
Are you ready to discover things in the Mines?

Are you brave enough to venture into the old mine shaft in Stardew Valley? In this main quest, your courage would be on the line. You must enter the Mines, and you’ll meet Marlon there, and he’ll warn you about the dangers you might encounter along the way. To settle this expedition, you’ll need to reach the fifth level of the area. 

Additionally, you’ll get valuable minerals on this site as you progress further!

8. Deeper in the MIne

A player going deeper in the Mine in Stardew Valley.
Buckle up, you’re up for a bigger challenge.

Once you’ve reached the fifth floor of the Mines, you’re now challenged to reach the 40th level. Don’t worry tho. You won’t need to visit all floors since the elevator doors are now functional manually. Unfortunately, there are no rewards for completing this challenge.

9. To the Bottom?

A player heading to the bottom of the Mines in Stardew Valley.
If you’ve completed the 40th level, then 120 won’t be difficult. Right?

There isn’t any sign of the bottom of the Mines. Well, are you prepared to reach the bottom? You must continue to a deeper expedition and reach the 120th floor of this site in Stardew Valley. This part makes the mine elevator extra handy!

10. Archaeology

A player collecting artifacts in Stardew Valley.
Search, search, search! What artifacts can you offer here?

If you’ve visited the library, you’ll meet a man named Gunther. He’s the guy who handles the library. In this quest, you’ll be asked to donate new artifacts or minerals from your inventory. After offering any of these things, you’ll receive 250g as a reward.

11. Rat Problem

A player encountering the Junimos in the community center in Stardew Valley.
Are they really rats? They seemed like bouncing apples to us.

The old Community Center is the town’s treasure. After triggering a cutscene at the Bus Stop on a sunny day around 8 AM to 1 PM on Spring 5, you’re now up for a bigger challenge. To accomplish it, you must inspect the Golden Scroll in the Craftsroom of the establishment. Its completion results in triggering the “Meet the Wizard” quest.

12. Meet the Wizard

A player tasked to meet the Wizard in Stardew Valley.
Congrats on being invited to meet the Wizard in Stardew Valley!

After reading the Golden Scroll at the Community Center, you’ll receive an invitation from the local Wizard to visit him in his tower. Going to his tower helps you learn more about these little creatures as he offers you a potion to help understand the language of the Junimos.

13. Forging Ahead

A player encountering forging ahead quest in Stardew Valley.
This main quest is starting to give you other tasks.

Being a good miner comes with advantages. Once you earn your first Copper Ore, the blacksmith sends you a Furnace blueprint. You’ll also get Clint’s instructions to easily use the item. 

Anyhow, you’ll need to craft a furnace and eventually use it to your benefit. There’s no monetary reward for completing this task. 

14. Smelting

A player learning how to smelt ores in Stardew Valley.
What do you think is the value of each smelted item in Stardew Valley?

What can you do with a furnace? You melt minerals with it! In this task, you’re expected to smelt a Copper Bar. You’ll need five Copper Ores and a piece of coal for fuel. You then have to wait for 30 in-game minutes to complete the process. Note that you can also melt iron and gold ores in this machine in Stardew Valley.

15. Initiation

A player being challenged to slay ten slimes from the Mines in Stardew Valley.
How scared were you when you saw this main quest in Stardew Valley?

Since you’ve been to the Mines, you’re probably familiar with some monsters that guard the place. Upon slaying ten slimes from the mining site, you’ve got a special place in the Adventurer’s Guild. After reaching the fifth level of the Mines, you’ll receive a mail from the guild about your status. 

Unfortunately, defeating slimes from the Secret Woods doesn’t count. But don’t sulk about it since the reward for completing this challenge gives you access to the Adventurer’s Guild! They buy monster drops and sell good weapons.

16. Robin’s Lost Axe

A player looking for Robin's Axe in Stardew Valley.
Can you complete this quest? Stardew Valley is quite a big map, so…

Quick, Robin needs your help finding her favorite axe! The last place she remembers using it was in the southern area of the ranch. You’ll receive a letter from her on Spring 11, asking for your help searching for it. Spoiler: you can find it in the sewer pipe in Cindersap Forest.

If you’ve found it already, you may visit the local carpenter at her place and return it. This gives you 350g in return and a Friendship Heart.

17. Jodi’s Request

A player receiving a request from Jodi in Stardew Valley.
Have you ever cultivated a Cauliflower in Stardew Valley?

Getting good ingredients when making a meal is a MUST! On Spring 19, Jodi asks for a fresh cauliflower. It doesn’t matter where it comes from, but you must deliver it to her residence to receive 350g and a Friendship Heart.

18. Mayor’s Shorts

A player finding mayor's shorts in Stardew Valley.
These quests can really get “too” personal.

The Mayor Lewis’ Purple Shorts is missing! It’s an odd request since he also commands you to return it discreetly based on his mail on Summer 3. Where could it be? Here’s the answer: In Marnie’s room. Why is it there? We bet you’re intrigued, too– but the spoiler ends here. 

If you choose to be a nice farmer, you’ll bring it back to him. He’ll pay you 750g and earn a Friendship Heart in return for your kindness. But you can do other things with it, too– well, click here to find out.

19. Blackberry Basket

A player looking for Linus' lost blueberry basket in Stardew Valley.
We’re on the hunt for this missing basket!

On the 8th of Fall, you’ll receive a letter from Linus asking you to help him search for his Blackberry Basket. This thing becomes handy for him this blackberry season, but it’s nowhere to be found!

Giving him a hand in finding this material rewards you with one Friendship Heart. Spoiler: you’ll find it in the backwoods near the tunnel entrance.

20. Marnie’s Request

A player accepting Marnie's request in Stardew Valley.
Everyone has their favorite snack, well- cave carrots sound fine.

Unlike most characters, Marnie will visit you just to request a Cave Carrot. It’s her goats’ favorite treat, and it can be helpful when training them to speak. This task only gets triggered once you earn three hearts with her. While if you complete the quest, you’ll get a hundred points as a bonus.

21. Pam is Thirsty

A player receiving a request from Pam in Stardew Valley.
Some booze can lighten someone’s mood.

Everyone has their craving, but Pam seems to be looking for something a regular old beer can’t fix. On Summer 12, she’ll send you a letter asking you to deliver a Pale Ale. You can make one by brewing Hops in a Keg. Once you’re done making it, you may bring it to her and get 350g and a Friendship Heart.

22. A Dark Reagent

A player receiving a request from the Wizard in Stardew Valley.
Magic can either be spectacular or scary.

If someone requests a typically hated item, you better expect it to be the Wizard. On the 12th of Winter, he’d ask you to bring him a Void Essence for some kind of dark magic. Upon delivering the item, you’ll receive a hefty amount of gold (1000g) and a heart.

23. Cow’s Delight

A player getting a request from Marnie in Stardew Valley.
Well, can you fulfill this main quest in Stardew Valley?

Marnie seems to be busy as she chose to send you a mail on Fall 3 instead of visiting you. She asks you to bring her a bunch of Amaranth, a special treat for her cows. Once you collect the harvest and deliver it to her, you’ll receive 500g and a Friendship Heart.

24. The Skull Key

A player trying to figure out the use of Skull Key in Stardew Valley.
Stardew Valley surely is filled with adventures.

Obtaining this strange-looking key can be a tough challenge because to get it, you must first reach the bottom of the Mines. After getting to its end, you’ll need to take a trip to the Calico Desert to discover its purpose. When you find out the purpose of the Skull Key, you’ll access the Skull Cavern as a reward.

25. Crop Research

A player receiving a request from Demetrius in Stardew Valley.
Have you tried growing a melon on your farm?

Demetrius is in for another study– he needs a melon! On the 20th of Summer, he’ll send you a letter, asking you to bring him one. Once completed, you’ll receive 500g and a Friendship Heart as payment.

26. Knee Therapy

A player receiving a request from George in Stardew Valley.
Oh no, this main quest sounds like and emergency!

Have you ever heard of using a hot pepper to soothe an aching knee? Medically speaking, it’s beneficial, and George seems to know that it benefits him since he’ll ask you to bring him one on Summer 25. He’ll give 200g and a heart of friendship in return!

27. Robin’s Request

A player receiving another request from Robin in Stardew Valley.
Bring your sweater with you when foraging for wood in Stardew Valley!

Fortunately, Robin didn’t lose her axe in this main quest. However, she does need ten pieces of hardwood and asks you for some supplies of it on Winter 21. Delivering these raw materials give you 500g, and a Friendship Heart once accomplished in Stardew Valley.

28. Qi’s Challenge

A player beating Mr. Qi's challenge in Stardew Valley.
Mr. Qi surely loves giving you difficult main quests.

If you get an interesting challenge, that must be Mr. Qi’s doing. In this quest, you’re expected to reach the 25th floor of Skull Cavern, and you’ll receive a mail from him the day after entering the cavern. What would you get? Well, how does 10,000g sound to you? It’ll be delivered in your mail the following day upon completion!

29. The Mysterious Qi

A player encountering Mr. Qi's challenge in Stardew Valley.
Another brain-wrecking challenge from Mr. Qi!

If Mr. Qi offers you anything related to the main quest, you should always grab it! Be warned that this quest has peculiar instructions and four parts. We’ll break everything down with brief yet comprehensive details.

A. Secret Lock-Box

There’s a secret box in the tunnel located at the left of the Bus Stop. You’ll need a Battery Pack to activate it. Upon unlocking it, you’ll find a note from Mr. Qi leading you to the next course. It now requires you to get a Rainbow Shell and leave it in the box at the train platform.

B. Beets?

As unusual as this sounds, the second task requires you to leave ten pieces of Beets in the Mayor’s fridge. After gathering and leaving them there, another note is attached to the milk box asking you to deliver the Sand Dragon’s final meal.

C. Give the Sand Dragon Its Last Meal

After reading the note from Mayor Lewis’ fridge the Sand Dragon might’ve intimidated you, but it was just bones found at Calico Desert. In this part of the main quest, you must give the fossil a Solar Essence. After doing so, you’ll find a note on the Sand Dragon’s eye instructing you to look for something in the lumber pile on your farmhouse.

D. Epilogue

Once you reach your farmhouse, you’ll need to click the pile of wood. Once you do, you’ll get a Club Card to access the Casino at Oasis. This eventually concludes the quest, all you have to do now is enjoy!

30. Carving Pumpkins

A player getting a request from Caroline in Stardew Valley.
Well, we better hurry and get pumpkins for this main quest.

On Fall 19, Caroline will send you a letter asking for a Pumpkin. She wishes to carve pumpkins with her daughter, Abigail. Once you bring her the crop, you’ll get 500g and earn a Friendship Heart.

31. A Winter Mystery 

A player encountering the Shadow Figure in Stardew Valley.
There’s no such thing as normal season in Stardew Valley.

Your year in Stardew Valley won’t end without some good mystery. During Winter, if you enter the Bus Stop around 6 AM to 4 PM, you’ll encounter a suspicious-looking figure who scrams upon seeing your presence. You won’t find him immediately, but if you interact with the bush located at the right of the playground– you’ll get a magnifying glass.

However, what about the shadow figure’s whereabouts? Do we have other clues as to who and where it loves?

32. Strange Note

A player encountering the Strange Note in Stardew Valley.
Odd message, but we can decipher it.

After getting the oddly written note (Secret Note #23) asking you to visit the secret woods and bring maple syrup, you’ll encounter this task. Here you need to enter the woods around 6 AM to 7 PM with the syrup in your inventory. 

You’ll trigger a cutscene with the bear, and you’ll obtain the Bear’s Knowledge which increases the selling value of blackberries and salmonberries.

33. Cryptic Note

A player encountering the cryptic note main quest in Stardew Valley.
Are you brave enough to finish this main quest?

Stardew Valley’s main quests, indeed are filled with mysterious letters. In the tenth Secret Note, you’ll learn that someone’s waiting for you on the 100th level of Skull Cavern. Your goal now is to reach the said floor and meet the sender.

Of course, anything mysterious has something to do with Mr. Qi! You’ll find him waiting for you upon your arrival and be rewarded with an Iridium Snake Milk. This strange-tasting milk increases your health by 25 points.

34. Fresh Fruit

A player receiving a request from Emily in Stardew Valley.
She has an impeccable taste!

What does Spring taste like? Well, its flavor may equate to apricots for Emily since in Spring 6, Year 2– she’ll request you via mail to deliver this fruit. Once completed, you’ll receive 600g and a Friendship Heart.

35. Aquatic Research

A player receiving a request from demetrius in Stardew Valley.
May we get enough luck to obtain this specimen.

Whenever you see the word “research,” we bet that Demetrius also comes to your mind. In this study of his, he sends you a mail on Summer 6, Year 2, asking for a pufferfish as he studies their toxin levels. You must now deliver him the specimen he needs. 

Furthermore, you’ll receive 1,000g and a Friendship Heart once you execute the task successfully.

36. A Soldier’s Star

A player receiving a request from Kent in Stardew Valley.
Oh, sweet. Where can we get one Kent, please?

Despite Kent’s rough facade, he has a soft spot for his wife. You’ll receive a mail from him in your second year in town on Summer 15. He’ll ask you to bring him a Starfruit for their anniversary. Finishing this task gives you 500g and a Friendship Heart.

37. Mayor’s Need

A player receiving a request from Mayor Lewis in Stardew Valley.
His requests are getting more intriguing, don’t you agree?

If Mr. Qi gives the most mysterious quest– the Mayor then offers the oddest tasks. On Summer 21, Year 2, he requested a bottle of Truffle Oil via mail, and the reason is unknown. Delivering the item gives you 750g and a Friendship Heart.

38. Wanted: Lobster

A player receiving a request from Gus in Stardew Valley.
Sounds like you’re making something tasty, Gus.

Gus needs your help finding a Lobster. He’ll ask you through mail to see him on the sixth day of Fall, Year 2. You must bring him the sea creature to get 500g and a Heart of Friendship.

39. Pam Needs Juice

A player receiving a request from Pam in stardew Valley.
Wew, we thought she was in need of another booze.

Don’t worry; she’s not asking for alcoholic beverages this time. In her letter from Fall 19, year 2, she asks you to bring her a Battery Pack since her TV remote’s dead. She badly needs it since she’s having a tough time going back and forth to her couch just to click the TV button. Delivering her the item she needs rewards you with 400g and a Friendship Heart.

40. Fish Casserole

A player receiving a request from Jodi in stardew valley.
Well, it’s odd to ask a quest to bring something- but okay.

Upon earning four hearts with Jodi, she’d personally visit you on your farm, inviting you for dinner at 7 PM. Alongside her invitation comes a request for you to bring a Largemouth Bass for the meal she’s preparing. Unfortunately, you won’t get any monetary reward or friendship points from this task since it’s an event scene.

However, you may complete this main quest on any day of your choice as long as it’s not festival day.

41. Catch a Squid

A player receiving a challenge from Willy in Stardew Valley.
He ain’t the only fisherman, challenge is accepted!

Are you willing to take a challenge from Willy? He’ll give you one on the second day of Winter via mail. He also kindly gives you a tip on where you can find it, and after you get one, you may bring it to him. This trial recompenses you with 800g and a Heart of Friendship.

42. Fish Stew

A Player receiving a request from Gus in stardew Valley.
Alright, he better send us some good meal after this.

Have you ever caught an Albacore? In this task, Gus requests one via mail for his Fish Stew on Winter 26, first year. Upon fetching him one, you’ll receive 400g and a heart.

43. Pierre’s Notice

A player receiving a request from Pierre in Stardew Valley.
Pierre seems to have expensive cravings.

Every villager has cravings in Stardew Valley, and Pierre’s is a plate of Sashimi; he’s willing to pay “top coin” to get it. On Spring 21, Year 2, via mail, he asks you to bring him this dish. He’ll pay you 1,000g and a Heart of Friendship once completed.

44. Clint’s Attempt

A player getting a request from Clint in Stardew Valley.
We need to advise Clint that this won’t work.

The local Blacksmith is finally making his move as he requests you to bring Emily a piece of Amethyst. He also asks you to tell her that it’s from him. You’ll receive this task on Winter 6 through the mail, and upon completion, you’ll earn a heart with Emily.

45. A Favor for Clint

A player receiving another request from Clint in Stardew Valley.
Do you have an Iron Bar in your chest in Stardew Valley?

On Winter 17, Clint sends you a letter stating that he has a new hammer and wants to try it on different metals. You must bring him an Iron Bar to accomplish this assignment. Upon giving him the forged resource, you’ll get a substantial reward of 500g and a heart of friendship.

46. Staff of Power

A player receiving a request from the Wizard in Stardew Valley.
The Wizard sure has tons of gold.

Another interesting task from the Wizard equates to a hefty reward. The sorcerer made a staff of phenomenal power and needed an Iridium Bar to complete it. He’ll request this item on Winter 5, Year 2 via Mail, and getting it for him gives you 5,000g and a Friendship Heart.

47. Granny’s Gift

A player receiving a request from evelyn in Stardew Valley.
Their relationship is quite sweet- or maybe not.

What do you think is the weirdest gift? Evelyn’s surprise for her husband is a Leek, and she asks you to get her some on Spring 15, Year 2. Accomplishing this task recompenses you 500g and a heart with her.

48. Exotic Spirits

A player receiving another request from Gus on Year 2.
Gus! Where’s the free meal?

Gus is already up for another recipe– the Coco-no-no. He needs the main ingredient for this dish, and he sends you a letter on Winter 19, Year 2, requesting a Coconut. Once you get him his item, you’ll receive 600g and a Friendship Heart.

49. Catch a Lingcod

A player receiving a challenge from Willy in Stardew Valley.
Sir- we won’t back down from you challenges.

Do Willy’s challenges excite you? Well, he will write you a letter on Winter 13, Year 2. He dares you to bring him one, but you don’t have to catch it immediately. When you caught one and delivered it to him, he rewarded you with 550g and a Friendship Heart for your effort.

50. Dark Talisman Quest

A player encountering the dark talisman quest in Stardew Valley.
This sounds like a dangerous main quest.

This assignment gets triggered after the cutscene by the Railroad after completing the Joja Warehouse Task or Community Center. The local Wizard also asks you to retrieve the Magic Ink from his ex-wife’s house.

Additionally, you’ll need to get the Dark Talisman to unlock the entrance to the teleport rune that transports you to the Witch’s Swamp. You’ll need to ask Krobus for its location to get the item. It then leads you to venture into the Mutant Bug Lair. 

51. Goblin Problem

A player encountering the goblin problem in Stardew Valley.
How do we solve this?

Subsequently, after completing the 49th task on this list, you must deal with the Henchman guarding the Witch’s Hut. You’ll need a Void Mayonnaise to access the hut. Once you offer the mayo, you’ll find the ink on the table upon entering the sorceress’ home. 

This assignment has no monetary reward, but it unlocks the Wizard Buildings for new buildings and Dark Shrines in the Witch’s Hut.

52. The Pirate’s Wife

A player solving the Pirate's Wife Quest in Stardew Valley.
Well, we’re taking a trip down the memory lane.

Birdie, the old lady from Ginger Island, asks you to find her husband’s keepsake. She gives you an old photo of a soldier stranded on the shore in hopes that it can help you complete the task. Below are the steps to achieve it:

  • Offer Kent the War Memento.
  • Go to Gus and give him the Gourmet Tomato Salt.
  • Visit Sandy at Oasis and offer her the Stardew Valley Rose.
  • Go to George’s home and gift him the Advanced TV Remote.
  • Take a trip to the Wizard’s Tower and hand him the Arctic Shard.
  • Go to the Fish Shop and give Willy the Wriggling Worm; you’ll get the Pirate’s Locket in return.
  • Go back to Ginger Island and present the locket to Birdie.
  • This main quest concludes with you receiving the Fairy Dust Recipe and five pieces of Golden Walnut.

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