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Have you seen this fish with glistening yellow scales? If you’re looking for a challenge in the Fishing minigame, you’ll enjoy capturing this fish. To learn all about it, keep reading this guide!

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Many players in Stardew Valley enjoy fishing to gain more gold and rewards from treasure chests, even during the hottest and coldest seasons. This activity is popular because fish like Pike spawn in the ponds and rivers of the game during these times.

This fish doesn’t only brighten up a fish tank; it also has various uses, many of which are worth your time and effort. If you want to know more, continue reading this guide, where we’ll tell you where you can catch this and its in-game uses.

what is a pike?

Pike is a troublesome freshwater fish that grows up to 15-61 inches and has a catching difficulty of 60. Its dart behavior causes the fishing bar to move irregularly. You can catch this with any fishing rod despite its stubbornness; however, try using an Iridium rod to make it easier for yourself. Here’s a table of its restoration effects:

Gold 6830

where to catch a pike?

You can find it in freshwater areas in the summer and winter in any weather. However, a Magic bait allows you to catch it at any time, season, and weather. Refer to the table below for when and where you can capture this fish:

LocationSeason TimeWeather
Pelican Town River• Summer
• Winter
Riverland Farm• Summer
• Winter
Cindersap Forest River • Summer
• Winter
Cindersap Forest Pond• Summer
• Winter

fish Pond

You can place it in a Fish pond and wait to reap your rewards!

After gathering  Stones (200),  Seaweed (5), and  Green Algae (5), you have to pay Robin 5,000g to build a Fish Pond. Place the Pike inside, which reproduces every three days to get Fishing XP, Yellow Pike Roe, and Bug Meat upon reaching a population of nine. Furthermore, the pond’s initial capacity increases from three to ten fishes.

item requests

To increase your pond capacity, you must complete quests by providing the requested items. Since everything required below is fish, you should prepare your fishing gear. Look out for what is needed in the table below to complete a quest for your pond capacity expansion:

Initial Capacity Item RequestedFishing XPImproved Capacity
Three• Bream (2)
• Carp (2)
• Chub (2)
Five• Bullhead (2)
• Largemouth Bass (2)
Seven• Ghostfish (2)
• Sandfish (2)
• Woodskip (2)


The loot you get from your fish ponds will vary depending on its population capacity. Moreover, the chances of producing Yellow Pike Roe increases with the pond’s population. While obtaining Bug Meat can only be achieved when your pond has a population of nine to ten fishes.

Item                     PopulationItem PercentageChanceFishing XP
Roe (1)           1-8 100% 23-79%+13
Bug Meat         (20)                 9-105%4-5%+10

Selling Prices

Its selling price isn’t as high as any Legendary Fish, Ice Pip, Lingcod, Tiger Trout, Pufferfish, or Octopus. However, you can sell them for a higher price than Tilapia, Albacore, Shad, Perch, Sunfish, and other sea creatures. Although its Yellow Roe doesn’t sell as high as Caviar from a Sturgeon, it’s still profitable.

Despite its unimpressive base price, its selling price can still increase. Using the Fisher and Angler professions, its price can rise 25% to 50% more. Here’s the value of Pike and its Roe:

QualitySelling PriceWith FisherWith AnglerRoeAged RoeWith Artisan
Normal100g125g150g 80g160g224g


If you’re wondering what else you can use Pike, crafting is another option. Moreover, one crafting recipe calls for this freshwater creature to make Quality Fertilizer, which you can use on your crops to raise their quality. Here’s what you’ll need to craft this item:

ItemCrafting’s SourceIngredients
Quality FertilizerLevel 9 Farming• Pike (1)
• Sap (2)


Fresh seafood always tastes best after working all day on the farm!

You can use this freshwater creature for cooking easy seafood delicacies. Although there aren’t many recipes you can make with it, it is undoubtedly tasty and well-liked by most villagers. Moreover, these dishes also help you replenish your health and energy.

Here are the recipes for these savory dishes:

RecipeIngredientsEnergyEnergy with QSHealthHealth with QSBuff + DurationBuff+ Duration with QSSelling PriceSelling Price with QSRecipe Source
Maki Roll• Pike(1)
• Seaweed (1)
• Rice (1)
+100+180+45+81NoneNone220g330g• Tune in to The Queen of Sauce in Year 1, Summer 21

• Buy this at the Stardrop Saloon for 300g.
Sashimi• Pike (1)+75+135+33+60NoneNone75g112g• Receive this recipe in the mail after reaching Linus’ three-hearts event.


Freshen up your outfit with a nice pop of color!

If you want to spruce up your wardrobe, you can use this freshwater species for sewing and dyeing clothes. You can use it in the spool of the Sewing Machine to make a Fishing Vest. Additionally, putting this in the dye pots will give you yellow dye for your garments.


Villagers neither love nor like receiving it as a gift, but  Demetrius, Elliott, Leo, Linus, Pam, Sebastian, and Willy are neutral about it. While Haley, Evelyn, or Pierre hates it. Furthermore, the other villagers dislike this, so if you want them to like you, give them something else.


Here are the following quests you’ll encounter in Stardew Valley that uses Pike:

  • Help Wanted at Pierre’s General Store. In the Summer or Winter season, someone will request one Pike. Your reward for completing this quest is 300g and 150 friendship points.
  • Aquatic Overpopulation. In the Summer or Winter, Demetrius or Willy will place an order of one to four pieces of this fish on the “Help Wanted” Board. Completing the order gives you 100g per catch you deliver, and you also get to keep what you caught.


You don’t need to use Pike to complete game bundles. It’s better to cook this or use it for tailoring. Moreover, selling it or putting it in a fish pond to earn more gold would be better.

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