Everything you need to know about coffee beans in Stardew Valley!

Coffee is arguably one of most people’s favorite drinks, so of course the same can be said in Stardew Valley!  It can be bought, but you can also make it yourself from scratch!   Simply grow coffee beans and use them to brew yourself the perfect coffee.  In this article, I’ll go through everything you need to know to start making (and selling!) your own coffee in Stardew Valley. 

Coffee Beans

Where can you get coffee beans?

The actual coffee beans can be hard to get.  They may appear in the traveling merchant, which appears in the Cindersap forest on Fridays and Sundays until 8pm.  It can be offered as standard stock for 100-1,000g or in the special stock for 2,500g.  I will go into the selling prices a little later, but I would definitely aim for the lower prices if you’re attempting to buy them.  The other way to get coffee beans is as a drop from a Dust Sprite.  Dust Sprites are monsters found on floors 41-79 of the mines.  They will usually drop coal, but at a 1% chance, they can also drop coffee beans!  They usually spawn in packs so if you’re up for some grinding, this can be a great way to collect beans.  Don’t worry, you’ll only need a few!

How do you grow coffee beans?

Planting coffee beans creates a coffee plant that produces more coffee beans, great system right?   This is why you’ll only need a few beans to start with.  The coffee plant only needs to be planted once and will keep producing the beans, like hot peppers and blueberries.  The plant will be ready for harvest in 10 days and after that, every other day.  Coffee beans are also a multi-season crop, meaning they can be grown in spring and summer.  If you plant the coffee beans in spring when summer hits it will continue in its cycle with no change.  Every harvest will produce 4 beans, with an occasional chance of getting more! Using basic fertilizer and quality fertilizer will only affect the first harvest. 

Stage OneStage TwoStage ThreeStage FourStage FiveStage SixHarvest!

How do you make coffee?

Coffee is made with 5 coffee beans in a keg.  It takes 2 hours to process.  The coffee beans need to be the same quality in order to be put into the keg.   Unlike everything else made with a keg, coffee is not considered an artisan good.  If you’re looking for an extra hit of caffeine you can also make a triple shot espresso in your kitchen or a cookout kit with 3 cups of coffee!   

If you have been given the coffee maker by Evelyn after completing the gifts for George’s special requests, the coffee maker will brew on cup of coffee for free every morning!

Does selling coffee make a good profit?

While you can sell the beans themselves, they only sell for 15-30g so it’s definitely not the best use of the coffee bean plant with an exception of iridium quality beans which are worthwhile to sell outright.  Because the coffee beans are seeds and not a fruit or vegetable their sale price is not affected by the tiller profession.  You also cannot place them in a preserves jar.  The best way to make money with the beans is to make them into coffee.

Coffee sells for 150g.   It can’t be sold at the general store just the shipping bin, but that just simplifies the process of selling!   While getting your first couple of coffee beans might be a process, once you have your starters they only multiply and they keep producing for two seasons, so you’ll end up with quite a supply.   This is what makes coffee especially profitable, there is no re-planting and the harvest is ready every other day.   

You can also make triple shot espresso, which sells for 450g and only needs 3 coffees.  However, the selling price is equivalent to selling the three coffees by themselves so it mostly depends on your personal aesthetic!

What are the other uses of coffee beans?

Coffee beans are not in any community center bundles or any recipes.  It can be used to tailor a flannel shirt which is a great match for your coffee-selling business!  It can also be used as an orange dye in the dye pots in Emily and Haley’s house.  Coffee beans may be requested by a blobfish living in your fish pond which will increase the population from 3 to 5.  The coffee beans themselves are not good gifts as they are disliked by everyone, but coffee is loved by Pelican Town’s resident doctor Harvey.  It is liked by everyone else except, of course, the kids, Leo, Jas, and Vincent.  The coffee beans are not edible, but coffee gives your farmer a speed buff for a minute and 35 seconds as well as 3 energy and 1 health.

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