Everything you need to know about largemouth bass in Stardew Valley!

Largemouth bass are a freshwater fish, typically caught in the United States!  They are also a very common fish in Stardew Valley!  They are green with a yellow belly and are used in many different ways in the game.

What are the uses of largemouth bass?

The largemouth bass are used for many different things, so I’m going to go through the categories one by one!

Community Center Bundles:

Finishing the community center is very rewarding as each room you unlock gives you a new helpful piece of gameplay!  The largemouth bass is used in two bundles, one permanent and one remixed bundle.  If you are using the standard bundles, you will need one largemouth bass for the lake fish bundle for the fish tank.  You will also need a carp, bullhead, and sturgeon.   If you are using remixed bundles, then one of the possible bundles is the quality fish bundle, which requires a largemouth bass, shad, tuna, and walleye, all of gold star quality or higher.   Completing all the fish tank bundles will remove the glittering boulder close to the mine entrance.  This allows materials from the mine to flow into the river.  Once you’ve fixed the fish tank, Willy will give you a sifter which allows you to get the materials from the river.

Lake Fish Bundle:largemouth bass


This fish can be used for 4 recipes, all extremely useful!  3 can be made with any fish; sashimi, maki roll, and quality fertilizer!  The 4th is crispy bass, a recipe you can get from Kent in the mail.  Crispy bass is made with 1 largemouth bass, 1 oil, and 1 wheat flour.  It gives you 90 energy, 40 health, and most importantly increases your magnetism for 7 minutes!


If you use the largemouth bass in the sewing machine it will make the fishing vest.  It can also be used to make green dye in the dye pots inside Emily and Haley’s house!


There are 4 ways to use largemouth bass in quests!  The first one is the “fish casserole” quest, which you unlock after getting 4 hearts with Jodi.  If you complete the quest you get a cutscene with Jodi.  If you like looking at the “help wanted” board, largemouth bass might be requested at any time with a reward of 300g and 150 friendship points, or 100g per fish from a request from Willy or Demetrius if they request anything from 1-4 largemouth bass.  If you prefer the “special orders” board outside the mayor’s house, Demetrius will request 10 largemouth bass during the spring to help with overpopulation.  You get the regular selling price for the fish and the recipe for the farm computer!  And lastly, if you have the fish pond on your farm you may get a quest to throw in two largemouth bass in order to increase the capacity of the pond from 5 to 7.


If you’ve read this far you probably think the largemouth bass is a great gift for your neighbors, look at all it’s useful for!  Unfortunately, this is not the case, not even Willy likes this fish as a gift.  Demetrius, Elliot, Leo, Linus, Pam, Sebastian, and Willy are neutral about it, so if you’re in a pinch look for them.  However, Evelyn, Haley, and Pierre hate it so make sure to avoid giving it to them as a gift unless you’re looking for enemies!


Largemouth bass sells for a pretty nice price!  The least you can get is 100g for a standard quality and 200g for iridium quality!  If you choose the fisher career at skill level 5 they sell for 125g for standard and 250g at iridium quality.  If at skill level 10 you choose angler, then it sells for 150g and 300g.

BaseFisher CareerAngler Career
100g 125g150g
125g 156g 187g
150g 187g 225g
200g 250g 300g

How to catch largemouth bass?

The largemouth bass can be caught in any of the four seasons at the mountain lake from 6am to 7pm.  It can also be caught on the wilderness farm.   If you’re trying to avoid fishing you can also sometimes find it in a garbage can or from the traveling cart.  If you need a couple extra hours to catch it, magic bait allows you to catch it at any time.

Can largemouth bass be used in the fish pond?

Absolutely!  They produce roe, which can be eaten for 50 energy and 22 health.  Or you can sell for 30g plus one half of the base price of the fish, which for the largemouth bass is 100g, so 130g total, not bad!

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