Where to Find Earth Crystal in SDV Stardew Valley?

In Stardew Valley, there are plenty of interesting materials and items that you can gather. One of the rarest ones is the Earth Crystal. Earth Crystal in SDV is perfect for crafting, gifting, and more.

So, to make this precious gem a part of your collection, follow our quick tips!

Earth Crystal SDV Location

You can find  Earth Crystals by heading down into the Mines. There, search for Geodes and Omni Geodes. Specifically, you’ll need to search floors 1-39, as these are the only ones that have a chance of spawning the crystals.

Once you find a Geode, pick it up and take it to the blacksmith to be broken down. There is a 1/16 chance that your Geode will contain an Earth Crystal.

If you don’t feel like chasing for Geodes in the mine, there are a few other ways to obtain Earth Crystals. However, the chances are much slimmer. For example, there is a 10% chance that you will get a crystal when you kill Duggies in the Mines on floors 1-29. 

Moreover, using the panning tool also has a 4.9% chance to drop Stardew Valley Earth Crystals as rewards. Finally, you can get the gem from Haunted Skulls, Fishing, and Wilderness Golems, all of which have low drop rates.

Stardew Valley Spawning

In case you are into spawning (for some an easier way to obtain items in the game), here we will give you a brief explanation of how to spawn Earth Crystal.

First of all, Earth Crystal Id is – 86.

However, if that is just a number for you check out the following lines to see what to do with it.

So, there are currently two known ways you can spawn wanted items:

  • By purchasing an animal and naming it the IDs you wish to spawn. For example, you purchase an animal and name it with up to three IDs surrounded by square brackets (e.g. “[114][123][66]”). By doing so, you will receive the items with the specified IDs. Keep in mind that it costs money to buy the animal, but the advantage is that it can be done more than once in a game (unlike naming your character, which can only be done when you create your save).
  • By naming your character the IDs you wish to spawn. So, you can name your character with up to three IDs and receive the items whenever you speak to a villager that says your name. The downside to this is that you can only set your name once. Therefore you can only spawn up to three types of item in each save with this method.

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