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“An old folk legend suggests that the sweet smell of this flower attracts fairies.” 

In Stardew Valley, the Fairy Rose is a fall-season flower that can be grown from Fairy Seeds in twelve days. These seeds can be purchased from Pierre’s General Store. The planting schedule allows for two harvests of these flowers per season. The roses can also be purchased from the Traveling Cart for 870-1,450 gold. 

While the name of this flower seems like it is related to the crop fairy event, there is no impact on the chances of the crop fairy random event occurring each day.


QualityBase PriceTiller Profession


Like other crops, the use of fertilizer will impact the rate at which the fairy rose grows. With no fertilizer, the flower takes 12 days to grow. With speed-gro, the flower takes 11 days to grow. With deluxe speed-gro, it will take 10 days. Hyper speed-gro, the growth time is 9 days.

If you have the agriculturalist profession, this amount will increase by 10% each.


Fairy Rose

Like most flowers, there are several different color variations of the Fairy Rose, each taking its own inventory slot. There is an equal chance of fairy roses of different colors growing. With six colors and four quality levels, a fairy rose harvest can take up to 24 inventory slots.  

Bee Houses

The most common use for the Fairy Rose is in conjunction with a bee house to make Fairy Rose Honey. When a rose is planted within five tiles in any cardinal direction of a bee house, the base price of honey increases from 100 to 680 gold. With the Artisan profession, his increases to 952 gold each. Fairy Rose Honey is the most valuable type of honey in the game. One rose can impact multiple bee houses at the same time, as long as the respective tile area is in the proper range of a bee house. 


The Fairy Rose is a loved gift of Evelyn and Jas, so be sure to keep a few high-quality roses saved for gifting. It is a liked gift by all other villagers, except for Clint, George, and Sebastian who all dislike it. 


The Fairy Rose is used in one recipe. When you unlock Ginger Island, near the Island Farm, Birdie will give you the Pirate’s Wife quest to complete. Once you complete all of the tasks, you will unlock the Fairy Dust recipe. To craft Fairy Dust, you will need one Fairy Rose and one diamond. 


If you place a Fairy Rose in the spool of the sewing machine, you are able to make the dyeable long dress. 

Any color Fairy Rose can be used as a red dye pot color for dyeing, despite the fact that there are no red roses. 


If you choose to remix the community center bundles, the Fairy Rose can be an option for the remixed pantry bundle.

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