Everything You Need To Know About Claire – Stardew Valley Expanded

Stardew Valley Expanded (SVE) is a widely popular, unofficial mod expansion pack for Stardew Valley. Released in 2019, SVE added numerous new locations, events, items, and characters to 

One of the added characters and bachelorette options to SVE is Claire Whitley, a quiet, reserved woman who works as a cashier at JojaMart or the Movie Theater, if the Community Center is completed. 

Claire lives outside of Pelican Town in the countryside at 103 Prairie Road. She enjoys reading, watching films, and dancing. Her birthday is on Fall 8.

Claire’s Schedule: Complete Guide

Since Claire lives in the countryside, she cannot be visited when she’s out-of-town. Claire also doesn’t wander around town like the other villagers, so knowing her schedule is essential to catching in town and befriending or romancing her. When the game begins, she will work the register at JojaMart.

JojaMart Schedule 

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday08:00 AMGets off the bus and goes to JojaMart to start her cashier shift.
10:10 PMLeaves JojaMart and heads to the bus stop.
12:20 AMHeads home on a bus to the countryside.
Saturday07:00 AMArrives in town early on a bus, works stock at JojaMart.
12:10 PMBuys her own groceries at the register.
12:50 PMLeaves JojaMart and heads to the bus stop.
03:00 PMHeads home on a bus to the countryside.

Movie Theater Schedule

If the player restored the Community Center through the Community Center bundles, the destroyed JojaMart can be built into a Movie Theater. After completing the Missing Bundle, Claire will return to town regularly to work as a cashier at the theater.

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday06:50 AMGets off the bus and goes to Movie Theater employee entrance.
08:50 AMHeads to the concessions stand to cashier.
09:30 PMLeaves movie theater and heads for the bus stop.
11:40 PMHeads home on a bus to the countryside.

Tuesdays – After Six Heart Event 

Claire’s schedule changes after the player sees her six heart event. 

Sunny 10:30 AMLeaves the bus stop and walks to Pierre’s shop for the aerobics class.
01:00 PMExercises with the other villagers.
04:00 PMHeads back to the bus stop.
05:40 PMLeaves on a bus for her house in the country.
Rainy12:00 PMLeaves the bus stop and walks to Pierre’s shop to dance by herself at the aerobics class.
04:00 PMHeads back to the bus stop.
05:40 PMLeaves on a bus for her house in the country.

Marriage Schedule

When married, Claire will continue to work at JojaMart or the Movie Theater, but will take Fridays and Rainy days off. She will stay on the farm year round if she is unemployed.


Like other Stardew Valley residents, Claire has gifts that she loves, likes, neutrals, dislikes, and hates. In order to further your friendship/relationship with Claire, you’ll need to give her gifts.


ApricotFarming – Apricot Tree
Energy TonicMonster Drops / Purchased from Harvey’s Clinic
Glazed ButterfishCooking
Green TeaArtisan Goods
Ocean StoneFrozen or Omni Geodes
SunflowerFarming – Sunflower Seeds

Dialogue Response: “Oh! I love it. Thank you so much!”


  • All Universal Likes (except Apricot, Beer, Bruschetta, Mead, Pale Ale, Pickles, Sunflower, and Green Tea)
AppleFarming – Apple Tree
Big Bark BurgerCooking
ButterfishFishing – Location: Forest West / Shearwater Bridge
Cactus FruitForaging / Farming / Purchased from Oasis
CherryFarming – Cherry Tree
CoconutForaging / Purchased from Oasis
CoffeeArtisan Goods / Purchased from The Saloon
HazelnutForaging / Farming – Fall Seeds
OrangeFarming – Orange Tree
PeachFarming – Peach Tree
PomegranateFarming – Pomegranate Tree
Roasted HazelnutsCooking
Tea LeavesFarming – Tea Sapling

Dialogue Response: “Oh, for me? Thank you.”


BlackberryForaging / Farming – Fall Seeds
Crystal FruitForaging / Winter Seeds / Monster Drops
Nautilus ShellForaging
Rainbow ShellForaging
Wild PlumForaging / Farming – Fall Seeds / Farm Cave

Dialogue Response: “Thank you.”


AcornOak Tree
Aged Blue Moon WinePurchased from Blue Moon Vineyard
Armor ElixirArtisan Goods
BeerArtisan Goods / Purchased from The Saloon and Ginger Island Resort
Blue Moon WineArtisan Goods
ClownfishFishing – Ginger Island
Frog LegsCooking
Green AlgaeFishing
Haste ElixirArtisan Goods
Hero ElixirArtisan Goods
HopsFarming – Hops Starter
KittyfishFishing – Shearwater Bridge
Maple SeedMaple Tree
MeadArtisan Goods / Purchased from Ginger Island Resort
Pale AleArtisan Goods / Purchased from Ginger Island Resort
Pine ConePine Tree
PuppyfishFishing – Location: Shearwater Bridge
Razor TroutFishing – Location: Pelican Town, only available after viewing Morris’ 10 heart event.
Rusty BladeMonster Loot
SeaweedFishing / Foraging / Trash Cans
Spice BerryForaging / Farming – Summer Seeds
Spicy EelCooking / Monster Drop / Purchased from Desert Trader
StarfishFishing – Pelican Town Beach, Ginger Island Ocean
Tom Kha SoupCooking
Trout SoupCooking / Purchased from Fish Shop
Void EelFishing – Location: Witch’s Swamp, Mutant Bug Lair
Void PebbleMonster Loot
Void ShardMonster Loot, dropped by Apophis
Wild HorseradishForaging / Farming – Spring Seeds

Dialogue Response: “Only if you insist…”


ClamForaging / Fishing – Crab Pot
ClayMining – Clay Nodes / Geodes
CockleForaging / Fishing – Crab Pot
CrabMonster Drops / Fishing – Crab Pot
CrayfishFishing – Crab Pot
FrogFishing – Location: Mountain
Grampleton Orange ChickenCooking
Joja ColaFishing / Purchased from JojaMart / Trash Cans
King SalmonFishing – Location: Forest West
LobsterFishing – Crab Pot
OysterForaging / Fishing – Crab Pot
PeriwinkleFishing – Crab Pot
PicklesArtisan Goods
ShrimpFishing – Crab Pot
SnailFishing – Crab Pot
Snow YamTilling / Farming – Winter Seeds
Void DelightCooking
Void Salmon SushiCooking
Winter RootTiling / Monster Drop / Farming – Winter Seeds

Dialogue Response: “Please… take it away.”

Movie Theater Preferences 

After restoring the abandoned JojaMart or purchasing all the community upgrades from Morris, the Movie Theater is built, allowing players to watch movies (alone or with a guest). The following are Claire’s loved, liked, and disliked movies to help you earn more friendship points with her. 

Note: Movies disliked by guests will not earn nor cost them any Friendship Points.


There are eight different movies in total. They repeat on a two year cycle, based on the season in which the Movie Theater is unlocked. All “Year 1” movies will cycle and then are followed by “Year 2” movies (and so on). Asking a guest to a movie can give 0 – 200 Friendship Points depending on the guest’s preferences. The following is Claire’s loved, liked, and disliked movies. 

ReactionNameSeason/YearFriendship Points
LoveBrave Little Sapling Spring / Year 1+200
LikesJourney of the Prairie King: The Motion PictureSummer / Year 1+100
Natural Wonders Exploring Our Vibrant WorldSpring / Y2+100
Miracle of the Coldstar RanchWinter / Year 1+100
Zuzu City ExpressWinter / Year 2+100
WumbusSummer / Year 2+100
DislikesMysteriumFall / Year 1+0
It Howls in the RainFall / Year 2+0


At the movie theater, players can buy snacks for their guests at the concession counter. Like gifts, an NPC earns various Friendship points from concession snacks. Unlike gifts, disliked snacks neither cost nor earn friendship points. 

ReactionNamePriceFriendship Points
LovesApple Slices100g+50
Hummus Snack Pack90g
Jasmine Tea50g^
Kale Smoothie120g
Panzanella Salad200g+50
Stardrop Sorbet1250g
LikesCappuccino Mousse Cake220g+25
Chocolate Popcorn1130g
Ice Cream Sandwich150g^
Personal Pizza150g
Salmon Burger150g^
Star Cookie150g+25
DislikesBlack Licorice25g+0
Cotton Candy50g
Joja Cola (large)40g^
Rock Candy150g^
Salted Peanuts120g
Sour Slimes80g^
Truffle Popcorn180g+0

Heart Events 

Heart LevelTimeMapSeasonWeatherRequirements
0.5AnyJojaMartSpring or SummerAnyPlayer must be in year one. The event can take place on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Sunday.
212:00pm -10:00pmSaloonAnyAnyN/A
411:00AM – 3:00 PMTownAnySunnyPlayers must have seen Claire’s second heart event.
611:00AM – 3:00 PMTownAnySunnyPlayers must have seen Claire’s fourth heart event.
811:00AM – 5:00 PMSeed ShopAnyAnyPlayers must have seen Claire’s sixth heart event.
10.108:00PM – 2:00 AMTownAnySunny or RainyPlayers must have seen Claire’s eight
10.202:00PM – 6:00 PMBus StopAny AnyPlayers must have seen Claire’s 10.1 heart event.
12.106:00AM – 8:00 AMFarm HouseSpring, Summer, or FallSunnyPlayer must be married to Claire and watched her tenth heart events. It must be day 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 10, or 11 of any season (excluding Winter).
12.26:00AM – 8:00 AMFarm HouseSpring, Summer, or Fall SunnyPlayer must be married to Claire and watched her 12.1 heart event. It must be a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. 
12.3AnyTownAnySunnyPlayer must be married to Claire and have seen her 12.2 heart event. It also must be a Thursday. 
12.4Any Town AnyAnyPlayer must be married to Claire and have seen her 12.2 heart event. It also must be a Thursday. 
14.16:00AM – 7:00AMFarmhouseAnySunnyPlayer has seen Claire’s 12.4 heart event and must be married to Claire. It must be a day between 1 and 13 of any season. The Movie Theater must also be open.
14.23:00PM – 10:00PMBus StopAnyAnyPlayer is married to Claire and has seen her 14.1 heart event. It must be a day between 19 and 28 of any season.
14.2.5AnyFarmhouse Any Any Player is married to Claire and has seen her 14.2 heart event. It must be a day between 7 and 19 of any season. 
14.34:00PM – 8:00PMTownAnyAnyPlayer is married to Claire and has seen her 14.2.5 heart event. You need to receive a letter in the mail. The Movie Theater also needs to be open.

Extra Event

If the Community Center is built via the Community Center route and has 1 – 10 hearts with Claire but the Missing Bundle is not completed in the Abandoned Joja Mart, then Claire will be ‘Out of Work,’ and unlock an extra event.

8:00AM – 3:00PM – Town – Any – Sunny – Completed the community center but incompleted Missing Bundle inside the Abandoned JojaMart. Player also needs to have at least 1 heart with Claire but has not seen her 10.1 heart event.


After marriage, like all NPC candidates, Claire moves into the farm, and has her own side room. She turns this room into a small garden to grow tea saplings. 

Claire splits her time between the property and working at JojaMart or the Movie Theater, but she will take Friday’s off to stay on the farm. She also continues to go to aerobics class on Tuesdays.

In the mornings, Claire will gift a Coffee or can offer you a Complete Breakfast, Omelet, Fried Egg, Hashbrowns, or Pancakes. On tired mornings, she can gift you a Triple Shot Espresso instead. During the evening, Claire will bake or cook in her spare time.

If she bakes, it will be Chocolate Cake, Pink Cake, Rhubarb Pie, Cookie, Blueberry Tart, Blackberry Cobbler, Cranberry Candy, or Pumpkin Pie for dessert.

If she cooks, it might be Spaghetti, Eggplant Parmesan, Crispy Bass, Salmon Dinner, or Cheese Cauliflower.

If she’s craving something healthy, Salad, Radish Salad, Fruit Salad, Vegetable Medley, Roasted Hazelnuts, or Fiddlehead Risotto. Claire can also give Fried Mushrooms, Pumpkin Soup, Autumn’s Bounty, or Shrimp Cocktail.

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