Lookup Anything Mod Stardew Valley: Installation and Features

Are you having difficulty memorizing all the details about an item or any villager in Stardew Valley? If you’re looking for something that can make your life easier, Lookup Anything Mod is here to your rescue! Read further to learn more about it. 

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See how handy it is?

There are numerous items in Stardew Valley, and we know it’s quite impossible to memorize all of their functions and values in-game. Fortunately, Pathoschild came up with Lookup Anything Mod! 

These developers truly are talented. Not only did they make CJB Cheats Menu, Tracktor Mod, and other best Stardew Valley Mods. They also crafted this handy-dandy add-on that can help novice and seasoned farmers in-game and take your experience to the next level.

In this guide, you’ll learn where you’ll find this excellent mod and its new features once you download it!


  • Easier and Quicker Access to Item Details. In just one click, you’ll eventually get the facts you need about a certain item in Stardew Valley.
  • Learn More About Villagers’ Preferences. This mod works as an instant gift-taste helper that shows their favorite items in-game.


  • More compact compared to other mods. It’s an all-in-one package wherein you can track your friendship with your animals, learn about the best gifts for villagers, and more.

Installation Requirements:

  • SMAPI (Updated).
  • Lookup Anything Mod

Mod Overview

A player looking through Nexus Mods' Lookup Anything Mod preview.
It’s very easy to install, what are you waiting for?

It’s a complete package that shows the details of anything your cursor touch as long as you press F1. You can also search for any item’s information by clicking shift and F1 simultaneously. This mod shows the live info of any villager’s favourite gifts, farm animals, and more. 

Moreover, it saves you the hassle of going back and forth to the game’s wiki to remember some details you need.

Installation Instructions

Installing this is quite simple, but yet again, here’s the full process of adding it in Stardew Valley:

  1. Install the latest version of SMAPI
  2. Download the Lookup Anything Mod from Nexus Mods. Note that this is compatible with Stardew 1.5.5 or later versions.
  3. Unzip the file in the mod folder. You’ll find it in the game’s program files.
  4. Open the game and check if it works.

Note: this only works on mac OS, Linux, and Windows. Unfortunately, it isn’t compatible with Android. Hence,  some mobile players won’t get to experience this add-ons features. If you want to learn more about installing mods in-game, click here.


A player using lookup anything mod's search bar in Stardew Valley.
The most convenient feature!
  • Item Search Engine. If you press F1 and Shift, it’ll show a web-like search bar wherein you can explore any loot, decoration, or villager in-game.
  • Access any villager’s profile. Hovering your cursor on any villager or item shows information about them. While if you do this to a villager, you’ll see their birthday and preferences. You’ll also find similar details that you’ll find in your social tabs, such as the number of friendship hearts and more.
  • See the population of your Farm Building. This mod lets you find out the number of animals you’ve housed in any structure on your farm.
  • Check your Friendship with your Farm Animals. Similarly to villagers, your friendship with your livestock is accessible if you click F1 while your cursor points at them.
  • See any Different Crops’ selling prices, recipes, and achievements. You’ll find these details by looking them up with the keys mentioned above.
  • Crop Development Tracker. Track your crop’s development progress and the duration left ‘til their harvest.
  • Check your Fence Durability. It helps you learn until when your fences would last.

Gameplay Experience

So far, we find it user-friendly since it doesn’t take much time to understand exactly how it works. What’s great about it is compatibility with mods, like Anime Mods, since they alter the villager’s sprites when displaying a character’s profile. 

Moreover, it’s also handy for players who aren’t fans of memorizing their favorite villagers’ preferences. They can also use it to quickly check any item’s value before selling it.


It’s a 10 out of 10 for us since you can definitely use it to make your gameplay easier. It’s a time-saver recommended for players who are huge mods fans too. If you want to also enhance your game experience, make sure to click here to install it!

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Video Games aren't exactly my thing, but upon discovering Stardew Valley, I learned to enjoy it. It's a really simple yet exciting game that everyone should try to kill time.

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