What is The Yellow Strange Doll in Stardew Valley


If you have never seen or found one, you might be confused about the existence of the strange doll in Stardew Valley. What is this item? Why would you even search for it in Stardew Valley? All questions will be answered below, so you can start improving your collection of rare items.

This guide will explain what it is and how you can can actually use this item in the game.

As with any other items, this can also be gifted, so you can learn which characters will thank you for the gift and which won’t be so grateful for the item.

What is the Yellow Strange Doll in Stardew Valley

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, you need to learn what this whole thing is all about, what the doll is, and what you can do with it.

To begin, the Yellow Strange Doll is an item that you can find while searching in Artifact Spots all around the map. For example, you can find one in Pelican Town, the Farm, the Bus stop, and in many other locations. It’s hard to tell to which one location you should go to find the Yellow Strange Doll in the game.

You can even find one when tilling soil in the mines, so the possibilities are quite literally endless, but it might take a lot of time, so why not take the easier way?

What Can You Do With It in Stardew Valley?

There are a few ways to use the Stardew Valley Strange Doll in the game.

For example, you can donate it to the museum! They really need such items, so you will be doing them a huge favour. Both the yellow and the green doll would make an amazing addition to their current collection in the game, so definitely consider this as an option!

Also, you can use the item to create the Bobo Shirt while using the sewing machine. If you have been looking for a change of wardrobe, then why not use this item for a great reason?

You can also gift this item to various NPCs, but not all will thank you for it.

Some players have reported that they can’t donate the strange doll to the museum. However, it seems that most of the time it’s not due to a bug of some kind. Mostly players just forget that they have already talked about the doll with the museum curator, so they just can’t donate it twice.

If you haven’t donated the doll yet, you should have no issues throughout the game.

Gifting the Yellow Strange Doll Stardew Valley

Speaking of which…

Here are the NPCs who would be happy to get the Strange Doll as a gift in Stardew Valley:

  • Dwarf
  • Penny

Yes, it’s not the longest list in the world, so you might want to look for something else if you’re looking for a universally liked gift! Even these two NPCs were added to the list quite recently as a part of an update.

These characters truly dislike the Strange Doll in Stardew Valley:

  • Abigail
  • Alex
  • Caroline
  • Clint
  • George
  • Kent
  • Gus
  • Leah
  • Leo
  • Pam
  • Robin
  • Sam
  • Shane
  • Vincent

These are just some of the NPCs who would truly appreciate a different gift! Most of the characters would prefer something that is more regular. Maybe you have some fruit in your inventory or some other regular gift?

Sadly, you can’t use this item in any quest during the game, so you will have to find a different way to use it. Then again, you can sell it for 1 thousand if you need additional gold.

How to Get The Stardew Valley Strange Doll

If you’re looking to get your hands on the item, then you will get one after finding Secret Note 18. That’s a given. Finding the doll thanks to luck might be a bit complicated, so it’s easier to track down the needed secret note and start digging!

When it comes to other ways, you will just have to trust your luck during tilling! For example, in artifact spots you can have to up to an 0.08% chance of finding this!

It’s quite rare, but you can definitely find it in the game if you keep looking around.

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