How To Get Iron In Stardew Valley I Full Guide 2022

There are numerous locations in Stardew Valley where you can find Iron Ores. Once you’ve collected enough of them, you can produce Iron Bars. Are you curious to know how to obtain them and how they benefit your gameplay? Continue reading this guide to learn all there is to know about these valuable resources.

Iron Ore and Bar
Are these what you’re looking for?

Iron is a high-demand resource in Stardew Valley, given how many items you can craft and upgrade with it. These bars are also used for selling, crafting, and upgrading your main tools. This guide will show you its locations and how to use it to your advantage in-game!

What is An Iron Ore?

One of the many ores you’ll come across in Stardew Valley is an Iron ore (I.O.), which you may smelt into bars or sell for 10g. To obtain this resource, you must use a pickaxe to break an Iron node, yielding one to three ores per node. Fortunately, you can boost your ore output by achieving the Miner profession.

What is An Iron Bar?

Iron Bar (I.B.) is an item produced by smelting five iron ores in a furnace fueled by one coal for two in-game hours. Alternatively, you can make these by crafting the “Transmute (Fe)” recipe with three Copper bars to yield one Iron bar. But, the only way you can earn it is by reaching Mining Level 4 in Stardew Valley.

The base sell price of this bar is 120g. However, when you reach Mining Level 10 and choose the Blacksmith profession, its value increases by 50%, bringing the total to 180g

Where to Get an Iron Ore?

There are various ways to obtain it, including,

  • Mining at  Levels 41-79. This area’s heavily concentrated with Iron Nodes, most especially on Floors 71-79.
  • Mining at the Quarry, Quarry Mine, or Hill-top and Four-Corners Farm Maps’ quarry.
  • Breaking Crates and Barrels found in The Mines.
  • Purchasing one from the Blacksmith for 150g per piece in Year 1, but buy it for 250g in Year 2 and more.
  • Mining on any floor of the Skull Cavern.
  • Fighting off Metal Heads, Dust Sprites, Stone Golems, and Iron Slimes who drop these ores in Floors 80-119.
  • Obtaining Fishing Treasure Chests.
  • Tilling the Mines’ soil.
  • Breaking any of the four types of Geodes.
  • Panning rivers, lakes, and ponds.
  • Purchasing it from the Traveling Cart that rarely sells it for 100-1000g.
  • Scavenging Garbage Cans.
  • Recycling your fishing trash gives you a 21% chance of getting this Ore.
  • Reaching population three in an Ice Pip Fish Pond yields five Iron Ore.

How to Get an Iron Bar?

There are several ways to acquire this item in Stardew Valley, including,

  • Scavenging the Blacksmith’s Garbage Cans. After acquiring the Furnace blueprints from Clint, there’s a slight chance you might find an Iron Bar. in his trash.
  • Killing Void Spirit Monsters found in The Mines. When defeated, a Shadow Brute and Shadow Shaman both have a 2% chance of dropping an Iron Bar.


Iron Bars (I.B.) are used as a Crafting ingredient in Stardew Valley to create a variety of equipment and machinery. These devices and technology assist you in your tasks, saving you time and energy. Here’s a list of items you can create using this:

ItemsIngredientsRecipe SourceUses
Glowstone RingI.B. (5)
• Solar Essence (5)
Mining Lvl. 4• It emits a steady beam of light and extends your area for collecting objects.
Warrior Ring I.B. (10)
• Coal (25)
• Frozen Tear (10)
Combat Lvl. 4• It occasionally gives the ring bearer “warrior energy” when a monster is defeated.
Ring of Yoba I.B.  (5)
• Diamond (1)
• Gold Bar (5)
Combat Lvl. 7• It occasionally protects the wearer from physical damage.
Explosive AmmoI.B.  (1)
• Coal (2)
Combat Lvl. 8• It’s fired with a Slingshot.
Bee HouseI.B.  (1)
• Coal (8)
• Wood (40)
• Maple Syrup (1)
Farming Lvl. 3• It’s outside your farm. After four nights, it’ll yield Honey except in the Winter.
SprinklerI.B.  (1)Copper Bar, (1)Farming Lvl. 3• It waters the four adjacent tilled tiles on your farm every morning. 
Iron Fence I.B.  (1)Farming Lvl. 4• It’s more durable than a stone fence.
Quality SprinklerI.B.  (1)Gold Bar (1)Refined Quartz (1)Farming Lvl. 6• It waters the eight tilled adjacent tiles in the morning daily.
KegI.B.  (1)Copper Bar (1)Wood (30)Oak Raisin Farming Lvl. 8• It makes Artisan Good Beverages by placing fruits or vegetables in it.
Crab Pot I.B.  (3)
• Wood (40)
Fishing Lvl. 3• It’s thrown in bodies of water like streams, lakes, and the ocean loaded with bait. Check to see whether you’ve captured anything the next day.
Recycling Machine I.B.  (1)Stone (25)Wood (25)Fishing Lvl. 4• It converts fishing waste into valuable resources.
SpinnerI.B.  (2)Fishing Lvl. 6• It spins in the water due to its shape. Somewhat increases fishing bite rate.
Barbed HookI.B.  (1)
• Copper Bar (1)
• Gold Bar (1)
Fishing Lvl. 8• It works best with slow and weaker types of fish, allowing the fishing bar to cling to it. Thus, it secures your catch.
Dressed SpinnerI.B.  (2)Cloth (1)Fishing Lvl. 8• It increases the bite rate when fishing because fish find the metal tab and vibrant streamers alluring.
Worm Bin I.B.  (1)
• Fiber (50)
• Gold Bar (1)
• Hardwood (25)
Fishing Lvl. 8• It regularly produces bait for fishing.
Magnet (3)I.B.  (1)Fishing Lvl. 9
• Its taste isn’t enjoyable for the fish, but it raises your likelihood of discovering a treasure chest when fishing.
Lightning RodI.B.  (1)
• Refined Quartz (1)
• Bat Wing (5)
Foraging Lvl. 6• It sources its energy from lightning storms and converts it into battery packs.
Warp Totem: MountainsI.B.  (1)
• Hardwood (1)
• Stone (25)
Foraging Lvl. 7• It directly warps you to the Mountains.
Transmute (Au)I.B.  (2)Mining Lvl. 7• It transmutes into a gold bar when the amount of I.B. is sufficient upon unlocking this recipe.
Iron Lamp-postI.B.  (1)
• Battery Pack (1)
Carpenter’s Shop(1,000g)• It gives off a sufficient amount of light.

Iron ores can only help you craft Bombs. These one-time explosive devices destroy objects within their radius. Furthermore, to produce one, you must reach Mining Level 6 and have four of these Ores and one Coal on hand.


Smelting Iron
Smelting your ores isn’t only simple; It’s also worth it!

You can use five Iron ores to melt in a Furnace fueled by one coal. Moreover, this process takes about two in-game hours to finish. The product of smelting is one Bar of the same mineral.

Tool Upgrades

Steel tool upgrades with Iron
Upgraded Tools make your job so much easier in the Farm and the Mines!

Iron Bar (I.B.) is essential to upgrade your tools to tier 3, so you can easily perform tasks like Mining, Farming, and many more. Just make sure you have the necessary amount of ingredients to enhance them. Here are all the tools you can upgrade with and I.B. in Stardew Valley:

Steel Hoe5,000gI.B.  (5)• It increases the range of the maximum area effect to five more tiles in front of you.
Steel Pickaxe5,000gI.B.  (5)• It can break rocks on levels 40-79 in the Mines with one strike, while Quarry Mine stones with two hits.
It breaks Copper, Iron, Gold, and Iridium nodes in one, two, three, and six hits, respectively.
It breaks large rocks with four hits.
It can break the barrier that prohibits you from talking to the Dwarf in the Mines.
Steel Axe5,000g I.B.  (5)• It can chop Large Logs.
It takes six hits to chop down a fully-grown tree. 

• It takes three hits to chop a Small stump and a Stage 4 tree.
• It takes two hits to chop down a Stage 3 tree and below.
Steel Watering Can5,000gI.B.  (5)• Its capacity increases to 70 more charges.

• Its maximum area of effect increases by up to five tiles in a straight line.
Steel Trash Can2,500I.B.  (5)• It allows you to reclaim 30% of your gold after throwing in items.


Iron in Sewing Machine
Combatting wardrobe has never been this stylish!

You can use the ore counterpart to create a Dyeable Turtleneck Sweater by placing it into the Sewing Machine‘s Spool. On the other hand, you can use the bars for tailoring a Steel Breastplate in the same machine. Unfortunately, you can’t use either of these items in the Dye pots.


Clint and Maru are the only villagers in Stardew Valley who like receiving this bar as a gift. The rest dislike it, especially Sam, who hates it. Additionally, it’s advisable to refrain from giving any NPCs Iron Ores. since they all hate it.


Only I.B. is necessary to complete the following Stardew Valley quests: 

  • “A Favor for Clint” Quest. Every 17th of Winter, Clint may ask for a bar. via mail. After fulfilling his request, You’ll receive a reward of 500g and one Friendship heart.
  • Help Wanted Board at Pierre’s General Store.  A random request for a bar. is possible any time of year. If you fulfil their order, you’ll receive a reward of 360g and 150 Friendship points. Note that this bar will never be requested if you haven’t received the Furnace’s blueprints.
  • Fish Pond Quests. If any of your ponds on your farm contains an Ice Pip, Catfish, or Spook Fish, it’ll request three or four bars. from you.


An Iron Ore won’t be necessary for finishing any Bundles in Stardew Valley. In contrast,  “The Blacksmith’s Bundle” requires an Iron Bar. to complete for the Boiler Room. Upon successfully filling in the Bundle, you’ll receive one Furnace reward.

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