Fire Quartz: Uses, Bundles, and More

Collecting minerals from the Mines is thrilling, especially when you find something unique, such as Fire Quartz. It’s not the most lucrative item, but it helps accomplish tasks. This guide will help you learn more about its benefits and uses in Stardew Valley.

A player holding a Fire Quartz in Stardew Valley.
Fire Quartz is quite a beauty.

Whenever you discover a mineral, you either ask where you can use it or how much would it give you. Getting glowing crystals like Fire Quartz can be astonishing, but spoiler alert, it’s not as great as Diamonds.

Nonetheless, you can still make some profit with it and use it in some recipes in Stardew Valley. Here’s a guide that’ll teach you everything you need to know about it!

What’s a Fire Quartz?

Fire Quartz is a mineral you’ll find on the 80+ Floors of the Mines. Using bombs to get this item isn’t advisable as it quickly destroys them. 

Moreover, you can sell this mineral to get 100g. But if you have the Gemologist Profession, its price increases by 30%, making its vending fee 130g.

Where to Find it?

A player standing in different places of Stardew Valley.
Other ways to get it!

Aside from getting it from 0% to 2.6% of discovering it in the Mines, you’ll also find it in the Skull Cavern. There’s a 1/16 probability of getting it from a cracked Magma Geode and a 1/48 chance from an Omni Geode.

Additionally, you’ll occasionally get this mineral from Garbage Cans upon reaching the bottom of the Mines. Another option that you have is panning (4.2%) or fishing treasure chests (4%).

If you plan to use the fishing method, you first need to reach Fishing Level 2 and go to Fishing Zone 5. Meeting these requirements allows you to get one to four pieces of Fire Quartz.


A slime egg-press in a Slime Hutch in Stardew Valley.
A piece of handy-dandy equipment to start up your hutch!

If you’re looking for a way to get Slime Eggs, you can use the Slime Egg-Press to acquire them. To craft this equipment, you have to reach Combat Level 6 and collect 25 pieces of coal, one Fire Quartz, and a Battery Pack. 


A player wearing a red shirt, hat, and white pants in Stardew Valley.
The ultimate red-themed cowgirl look!

You can use this foraged mineral to make a shirt or create red dyes for pots when you get excess.


Smelting it in a furnace with one coal gives you three Refined Quartz. Note that this process takes 1.5 hours.


It makes an excellent gift for most NPCs except Leah, Linus, and Pierre.


You may also accomplish the following quests with this item:

Pierre’s General Store “Help Wanted” Board. A piece of it is randomly requested, and you’ll get a reward of 300g and 150 Friendship Points.

It’ll only be asked for when you reach Floor 80+ in the Mines.

Fish Pond Quest. Lava Eel requests three pieces of it to increase the pond capacity from one to three.


You can complete bundles like the Geologist Bundle in the Boiler Room of Stardew Valley with a Fire Quartz.

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