Ancient Sword: Museum Donation, Uses, and More

Did you know that suspicious remains of an Ancient Sword exist in Stardew Valley? Find out more about this item by reading this guide. We’ll spill its sources, uses, tailoring, and more!

The player holding an Ancient Sword in Stardew Valley.
Once a strong weapon, now rusted.

Every time you’re adventuring below the Mines, remember these two items: Pickaxe and Weapon. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Sword, Hammer, Dagger, or Slingshot – damage and perks do. But what if you don’t have anything except the Ancient Sword?

Unlucky you. This item is an artifact. However, it still has different values, such as museum or personal displays, tailoring, and more! But we’ll talk about what it is first and where you can find it.

What is an Ancient Sword

Despite being rusty after earth dominates its overall form, this old relic has a finely crafted hilt. It’s one of 42 artifacts you can donate to Gunther’s Local Museum and Library at Pelican Town.

It sells for 100g.

How to Find the Ancient Sword?

There are multiple ways to find this earthed object:

  • Artifact Spots – Using a Hoe to dig at the Cindersap Forest (0.7%) or the Mountains (0.6%).

  • Artifact TroveGood chance to get the item but no approximate value given.

  • Fishing Treasure Chests – Before this possibility, you’ll need to get at least one from any sources above (0.7% – 0.8%).


In-game sewing machine screen.
The attire is an inspiration from Legend of Zelda!

Aside from acting as a Gray Dye, combining this relic with a piece of Cloth at the Sewing Machine will make a Green Tunic.


The rest of the villagers have no interest in the artifact except Dwarf and Penny.


Not used in any quest.


Not used in any bundle.

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