Stardew Valley Robin Mod: 20 Best Mods to Consider Downloading for Robin Now!

Did you recently befriend Robin in Stardew Valley and were utterly gobsmacked to find a female character who is extremely woodworking-savvy and equally fun? There’s a lot more you can do with this house-hammering and goat cheese-loving ginger than you knew with the help of some of the most popular Stardew Valley Robin mods!

Stardew Valley Robin mod

Robin, who is possibly one of the most loved characters in Stardew Valley and Pelican Town’s most cherished carpenter, might have wowed us with her remarkable skills in an otherwise male-dominated field but she could use some help in making our experience a little better.

A resident at 24 Mountain Road on The Mountain, this villager, town carpenter, and owner of a Carpenter’s shop works tirelessly from 9 am to 5 pm except for on Tuesdays, when she takes the day off for family, and Fridays, when she takes a half day.

Whether you wish you could date or marry Robin in Stardew Valley or just have better conversations with her, there’s nothing a good Stardew Valley mod on Nexus Mods wouldn’t fix for us.

So, let’s take look at some of the most popular Stardew Valley Robin mods that you can download for a more immersive and customized experience with Robin:

Note: There might be some spoilers ahead for those who haven’t found or interacted with Robin in Stardew Valley yet.

Top 20 Stardew Valley Robin Mods You Shouldn’t Miss

20. Robin Sells Seed Makers

Stardew Valley Robin Mod
Credits: MortaliB

MortaliB has created several “Robin Sells” mods on Nexus and the idea of them is to make a craftable, non-purchasable item available at Robin’s store for purchase.

This mod, in particular, adds Seed Makers in the carpenter’s shop, which you can purchase from her for 5000g each. You can then use this refining equipment to produce seeds from a harvested crop or from foraged items, such as winter root, common mushroom, spice berry, and wild horseradish.

In the vanilla game, this item can only be crafted with wood, gold bar, and coal after the recipe is shared at level 9 of Farming.

19. Busty RobinSprite

Stardew Valley Robin Mod
Credits: thrintyseven

The Busty RobinSprite mod by thrintyseven will make your favorite red-headed carpenter’s sprite in the game more busty. The mod requires Content Patch to work and you can install it and simply unzip the main file into the Mods folder if you haven’t installed any other Robin sprite mod.

18. Robin Sells Heavy Tappers

Stardew Valley Robin Mod
Credits: MortaliB

Robin Sells Heavy Tappers is one of the many “Robin Sells” mods on Nexus and it makes it possible for players to buy Heavy Tappers from Robin for 4500g each. Like all other “Robin Sells” mods, this mod also requires the Shop Tile Framework to work.

In the vanilla game, this item is crafted with hardwood and a radioactive bar after the recipe source is gained at Qi’s Secret Walnut Room for 20 Qi gems.

17. Robin Sells Casks

Stardew Valley Robin Mod
Credits: MortaliB

An Artisan Equipment used to age Artisan Goods in Stardew Valley, the Cask’s recipe is shared at the Final Farmhouse upgrade and it can only be crafted if you own wood and hardwood. This equipment takes wine, pale ale, mead, goat cheese, cheese, and beer and ages them to increase their value and quality.

With this mod, you will be able to purchase casks in the game from Robin’s shop, however, you will have to ensure you have the Shop Tile Framework for this mod to work.

16. Robin Sells Bee House

Stardew Valley Robin Mod
Credits: MortaliB

Bee House, which is a type of Artisan Equipment, is used in Stardew Valley to make honey. Its recipe is shared at level 3 of farming and it can be crafted if you have wood, coal, an iron bar, and maple syrup.

This mod will make the Bee House available for purchase at Robin’s carpentry shop for 3800g each. It is pertinent to note that you’ll require the Shop Tile Framework for this mod to work.

15. Meight’s Buxom Emily and Robin Replacer (Content Patcher)

Stardew Valley Robin Mods
Credits: CyTheGuy01

This is a Content Patcher version of Meight’s portrait replacer, which will also enable you to turn on the nude version by running the game once and then changing both entries to nude in the config.json file.

14. (ENG) Lewd Dialogues for Robin

Best Stardew Valley Robin Mods
Credits: MortaliB

(ENG) Lewd Dialogues for Robin is a mod explicitly made for those above the age of 18 and it changes the character’s dialogues to turn her into an erotic masseuse from an expert carpenter.

You will require the Content Patcher for this mod to work.

13. Robin Sells Preserves Jar

Stardew Valley Robin Mods
Credits: MortaliB

While the vanilla game only allows users to craft a preserves jar with wood, stone, and coal at level 4 of farming, this mod allows everyone to buy this Artisan Equipment from Robin’s carpentry store for 3000g each.

This Preserves Jar can be used to make aged roe from fish roe, caviar from sturgeon roe, pickles from vegetables, and jelly from fruits – as is seen in the vanilla game.

The mod requires the Shop Tile Framework to efficiently work in the game.

12. Nude Robin and Sandy

The Best Stardew Valley Robin Mods
Credits: 4ze

While not everyone is into sexualized content for Stardew Valley, this mod has made it into our list with thousands of downloads on Nexus Mods.

The mod does exactly what the name suggests; it replaces sprites for Robin and Sandy to remove their clothes and make them nude.

Before you install this mod, make sure you create a backup of “Sandy.xnb” and “Robin.xnb” to be on the safe side.

11. Robin Sells Hardwood

Robin Mods Stardew Valley
Credits: ManaketeSmoocher

As its name suggests, this mod will add hardwood to Robin’s store, which means that she will sell this item in her carpenter’s shop.

The mod adds hardwood to her store in a balanced manner; she will sell each piece for 1000g and there will be no discounted price for year one. Furthermore, the stock for hardwood will be limited to 10 per day.

You will need to download and install SMAPI and Shop Tile Framework before downloading this mod and unzipping the folder into your mods folder for this mod to work.

10. Robin Sells Kegs

Stardew Valley Robin Mods
Credits: MortaliB

This mod requires the Shop Tile Framework to work and it adds kegs to Robin’s store. You can purchase the kegs from the carpenter’s shop for 5000g each.

Unlike other mods that will add several new items to Robin’s shop for you to purchase, this mod will only add kegs to her inventory.

9. Robin Sells Hardwood (STF)

Best Stardew Valley Robin Mod
Credits: MortaliB

The Robin Sells Hardwood mod also requires the Shop Tile Framework to work and it enables players to buy Hardwood at Robin’s store for 100g each.

If you’re specifically looking for this feature and not a mod that adds a plethora of items at the carpenter’s shop, you can download it now!

8. Robin Work Hours

Stardew Valley Robin Mods
Credits: aedenthorn

The Robin Work Hours mod will give the character a fixed number of hours for construction work, making room for her normal interactions and schedule outside of work, including her travel from and to the construction site daily.

The vanilla game makes it so that Robin starts working on the construction site at 6 AM and continues to do so until the construction is complete. With this mod, she will have a reasonable 9 AM to 5 PM work schedule, causing her to walk to and from the construction sites.

This mod will allow her to have a normal schedule which will consequently make her go to bed at a reasonable hour. Furthermore, you will also get the chance to interact with her and give her gifts outside of her work.

This mod is compatible with Mod Updater for automatic updates and it requires SMAPI and Harmony.

7. Robin Shop Overhaul

Stardew Valley Robin Mods
Credits: logandoidao

Do you wish Robin would sell more items in her carpentry? Well, she does mention that she has several ongoing projects, doesn’t she?

This mod will add new must-haves to the character’s store with epic discount mechanics that are based on your friendship level with her. It is divided into different parts and the new items are separated by their relevant category to make it easier for players to remove the items they aren’t interested in.

Simply download the mod, move the .zip file to the Mods folder of Stardew Valley, extract the files in the Mods folder, and run the game with the SMAPI launcher. After this, you can simply enter Robin’s store and check out the new items by scrolling down.

6. More Personality for Robin

Stardew Valley Robin Mods
Credits: blauwvis

If you wish that Robin’s character was different than the rest of the supporting cast in Stardew Valley with repetitive dialogues and utterly boring personalities, this mod can get the job done!

The mod will add approximately 200 new lines to the character, expanding her dialogue and making her chattier than the original version with only 28 lines of dialogue. Robin will be able to talk about other townsfolk, events, birthdays, festivals, and work and even share insights about her family.

Furthermore, she will also share comments reflecting on your relationship and current heart level with Demetrius, Maru, and Sebastian. The mother of two will also have a lot to say regarding players who are either dating or married to either of her children.

5. Robin’s Busty Portraits

Stardew Valley Robin Mods
Credits: purplenikes

What’s better than Robin? Robin with bigger jugs!

The Robin’s Busty Portraits mod does exactly as its name suggests; it replaces Robin’s portraits with a new NSFW version, which makes breasts fuller.

You can install this mod by adding the downloaded file to the Portraits folder which is located inside the Stardew Valley folder and overwriting the original one. Don’t forget to create a backup of the original folder before overwriting it.

4. Robin and Emily Buxom

Stardew Valley Robin Mod
Credits: MeightSquaids

The Robin and Emily Buxom mod is a replacement mod for Emily’s and Robin’s portraits, making them appear more busty. Taking inspiration and help from Robin Topless and Buxom Cleavage Portraits Fully Nude, this mod adds a better nude Robin character.

3. Change Dialogues plus SVE – CFD – LfL – Razolyn (Spanish and English) – Robin Romance Mod (English) – Jodi Datable – True Love Valley and Farmerjack’s Dialogue Expansions

Stardew Valley Robin Mods
Credits: mardrest

This mod will enable you to change the sprites and portraits, change the characters’ genders, and even change the names of all the villagers in your game. Pretty cool, right?

What’s even better is that if you choose to change the gender of a character in your game, their dialogues will also automatically change. Moreover, the mod will enable you to exchange worms for a chest.

In addition to changing all women, men, and villagers, you also have the option of using the portraits and sprites of other mods. To do this, you can simply replace or add the characters in the Characters and Portraits folder of this mod.

The mod is compatible with several other mods, including Jodi Datable, Robin Romance, True Love Valley, and Farmerjack’s Dialogue Expansions.

2. Anime Robin Portrait – Robin Romance Support

Best Stardew Valley Robin Mods
Credits: coldazrael

This Anime Robin Portrait mod contains support for the Robin Romance Mod, which has the highest number of downloads on Nexus Mods and is our top pick on this list.

It is pertinent to note that the modder recommends setting the TemporalBugFix configuration to “true” for this mod to work perfectly and avoid misplaced portrait expressions.

For the installation of this mod, simply download and install the Robin Romance Mod as well as the Content Patcher and then download this mod and extract the folder in the /Stardew Valley/Mods folder.

1. The Robin Romance Mod

Best Stardew Valley Robin Mod
Credits: soapierbean

With the most downloads on Nexus Mods, The Robin Romance Mod stands as our top pick for the character. This mod makes it possible for players to date and marry Robin by turning her into a custom NPC.

This mod requires TMXL Map Toolkit for the spouse room as well as the Content Patcher. Moreover, the reason why most people love this mod is that there are various flavors for it.

The primary version of this mod shows Robin as a divorced lady who lives with Leah while her sister Veronica is at the carpentry shop. Additionally, Veronica will also have some great portrait/sprite artwork.

You also have the option of removing Veronica from the carpentry shop, which will put the normal character into the game, and also add another Robin character which is datable. The datable Robin’s birthday will also be shifted to Fall 22 from Fall 21.

So, if you wish you could date Robin and add heart events for this character, this mod will be a perfect fit to enhance your gaming experience!

Do you wish to know exactly where Robin lives and how you can find her? Read our guide containing everything you’ll need to know regarding her whereabouts.


From turning Robin into a bachelorette to adding new characters that replicate Robin, these were all the best Stardew Valley mods for Robin that you can download on your PC to make your gaming experience with this character more immersive and customized according to your liking.

Did you find this info useful? Let us know if we’ve missed one of your favorite Stardew Valley Robin mods!

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