Best Stardew Valley Planner (Full Guide 2022)

Do you want an efficient and easy-to-look farm but don’t know where to start? Is visualizing your dream homestead difficult? Well, look no further! The Stardew Valley Planner will help in building the perfect plantation!

Stardew Planner planner menu
Stardew Valley Planner Menu

Managing your farm can be challenging to set up from scratch. Good thing there’s a helpful tool at your disposal to maximize your entire farm. Accessible for free on PC, you don’t have to worry about switching to a different browser. With it, you can realize your dream farm in just a few minutes. 

Dive into Stardew Planner V2 and get started with your perfect layout! 

What is Stardew Planner V2?

Stardew Planner is a tool for new and experienced players to help with the farm’s layout. The app fixes the problem of visualizing your dream farm and significantly improves your limited space regardless of the map.

Everything about this tool will help with what kind of farm you want to craft and shows you what it will look like once completed. Managing can never be more accessible than this! 

With that said, here’s how to find and use this beautiful tool. 

Where to find Stardew Planner V2? 

First is to find the website here or search “Stardew Planner” on your search engine. Once at the site, click “Start Planning” to redirect you to the app and begin planning there.  


The app has an overview of the farm map, which shows you a blank canvas to start. Having a clear view makes it easier to keep track of customization. It will lead you in the right direction of your desired layout.

Stardew Planner main app
Stardew Planner App

The Planner has a detailed list of placeable objects such as Buildings, Equipment, Artisans, Terrain, Roads, and Floors.

You can also change layouts to match what kind of farm you start within the game. It also has designs for popular mods, a plus for people who like to spice things up.

How to use the app?

Using the Planner is as simple as clicking on the map. To place the desired object, go to the appropriate tab of your object and enable it. Once selected, you can click on the map to put it.

To duplicate the item, hold “Shift” and click on the map. You can also click and drag to place multiple Roads or Floors, which only applies to this specific object. 

Deleting an object is as easy as pressing the eraser button and clicking on your desired object. 

Suppose you want to know the area in which some objects reach, such as Scarecrows, reach for the “Options” tab and find the thing you wish to see. These also include Sprinklers, Bee Houses, and Junimo Huts.  

Once you have completed your design, you can save it through a screenshot or download it as an image on the “Export” button.

Premade Renders

Stardew Valley Planner render selection menu
Community Premade Renders

Renders are community-made farms sorted with their Facebook group and views from the site. You can find these renders below the home screen. These are excellent references for beginners that are wondering where to start.   

To load a render, click on the “Plan” button under the said render. Once enabled, it’ll automatically load it on the tool. From there, you can customize it to your liking.

Frequently Asked Question

Is there a mobile version for this Planner?

  • There are no equivalent planners like this tool for iOS and Android. Although there’s a tool of the same name, it’s more focused on keeping track of the in-game mechanics instead of customizing your farm.

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