Stardew Mummified Frog: Best Ways to Use Them

What items have you donated to the Island Field Office in Stardew Valley? If you’ve found an antique frog-like item, that’s a Stardew Mummified Frog. It may sound odd, but here’s a guide to learning more about its relevance in-game!

A pleyer donating a Mummified Frog in Island Field Office in Stardew Valley.
Congrats on obtaining another Golden Walnut!

Apart from managing two farms in Stardew Valley after unlocking Ginger Island, you also need to collect and donate some items. If you’ve met Professor Snail, you’re now up for the challenge of collecting more artifacts. 

Upon visiting certain areas in-game, you might’ve obtained a well-sealed item similar to a frog. It’s what it looks like, a Mummified Frog! It may be pretty disturbing to some, but it’s handy. In this guide, you’ll learn about the benefits it can offer to your gameplay!

What is Stardew Mummified Frog?

A player holding a mummified frog in Stardew Valley.
Uh, it looks a little disturbed.

It’s one of the nine Animal Artifacts you can donate to the Island Field Office to get one Golden Walnut. Note that you only need a single piece to obtain this benefit. Moreover, this strange creature was assumed to have lived in a jungle canopy, and you can sell it for 100g.

Where to Find Stardew Mummified Frog?

You can’t find this item everywhere, and there are specific sites where you obtain it. After accomplishing the Danger in the Deep Quest, you’ll acquire it in the Dangerous Levels of the Mines. You’ll see deep green jungle-type weeds on floors 41 to 69, don’t miss cutting them to obtain this loot.

Aside from the Mines, you may also get it in Ginger Island Jungle when you cut the same weeds.


Stardew Mummified Frog placed in a Bone Mill.
What fertilizer will we get?

Aside from using it as a donation, you may place it in the Bone Mill to obtain different kinds of fertilizers. Here are the products you can get:

  • Deluxe Speed-Gro (3).
  • Quality Fertilizer (10).
  • Speed-Gro (5).
  • Tree Fertilizer (5).


A player placing a Mummified Frog in a spool of the sewing machine in Stardew Valley.
The perfect fit for Halloween.

It’s also handy when used in the spool of the Sewing Machine in Stardew Valley. You can create a skeleton shirt with it and yellow dyes for dye pots in-game. Obviously, your excess preserved frogs won’t go to waste!


You can offer this item to villagers, but they’ll definitely hate it. So, we don’t recommend giving it away since it’ll only go to waste. You may refer to the methods above to extract their benefits.

Quests and Bundles

Unfortunately, you can’t use it in quests and bundles. But there are several methods to still benefit from it which include Tailoring, Selling, Making Fertilizers, and more!

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