Everything you need to know about grass in Stardew Valley!

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Grass is one of the first resources you come across in Stardew Valley.  It grows all around your farm and is easily cut with a scythe.  Grass can be useful in the game, mainly for feeding farm animals, but it can also take up a large amount of space on your farm if you don’t take care of it properly!

Grass in Stardew Valley

How to get grass in Stardew Valley?

Grass is a very common plant and grows naturally during the fall, spring, and summer around your farm!   As long as you leave a little patch of it, you will always have some regrowing!  Every day there will be a chance that grass will spread to an adjacent square.  If you need more, you can also purchase grass starter at Pierre’s general store for 100g!

To use a grass starter just click on the block you want the grass on. An individual patch will start growing and spreading to the blocks around it!  You can also make a grass starter by buying the recipe in Pierre’s general store for 1,000g.  The recipe calls for 10 fibers for one grass starter!

ImageNameWhere to get itPriceRecipe
Grass StarterPierre’s Shop100g__
Grass Starter RecipePierre’s Shop1,000g Fiber (10)

Can you grow grass in winter?

Generally, during the winter all your grass will die and you will be unable to grow more.  However, there has been a recent update to Stardew grass. Any grass grown indoors will no longer die!  So, any that you plant in the barn, coop, or even Pierre’s shop (yes you can plant grass in there!) will last throughout the winter!  It will not grow or be eaten by your livestock, but it can be great to store some in case you really need it.

What are the uses of grass in Stardew Valley?

The main use of grass is for feeding your pets!  Cows, sheep, chickens, pigs, and any other animals on your farm will gladly eat any growing around them!  This can save time and resources while taking care of them.  When they eat the grass, that square will disappear so make sure you always have a little left over so it can regrow!

Grass can also drop hay, which is another great way to feed your animals.  You do have to stock the hay in the barn, coop, or silo, if you have automatic feeders, manually as needed which can take a lot of time.  The good part about hay is that it’s easy to store for the winter months when there are no grass patches around your farm.  Hay can also be bought from Marnie’s Ranch if you run out!

How to get hay from grass in Stardew Valley?

Are you having trouble getting hay to drop?  Hay won’t drop if you use a dagger or sword so make sure you’re using a scythe.  Once you’ve built your silo, hay has a 50% chance of being added to that automatically so be sure to check your supplies!  If you want even more hay you can use the golden scythe which ups the chance to 75%!

ImageNameHay drop rate
Golden Scythe75%

How to control grass?

Having trouble with too much grass?  While it can be useful, if you let it grow it will soon become just another part of the debris on your farm!  Generally, if you cut down some of the fields of grass every day it won’t become a big fuss, but if that’s too much additional work and you really want to contain it, you can with fence posts!

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