How To Get Energy In Stardew Valley

Energy is essential to every player’s gameplay since they can’t do anything without it. There are a couple of ways you can acquire it aside from eating food. Continue reading this guide to find more ways to obtain it in Stardew Valley!

Energy bars Stardew Valley
Always keep an eye on your Energy bar in the game!

You need Energy to function in the game, but sometimes there’s just not enough to do everything you want in one day. You may have encountered losing almost half of it just from cutting one tree or watering your crops manually. Perhaps, you’re busy breaking rocks in the Mines and realize you’re starting to get exhausted. 

Much like in real life, this resource is limited, but you can restore it by eating, resting, or sleeping. However, did you know that there are more ways to replenish it? Read further if you’re interested in getting more Energy in Stardew Valley! 

What is the Use of Stardew Valley Energy

Energy is required to move around normally, pick up or move chests, and perform other tasks on your farm. It’s also needed to wield your tools for farming and mining. Additionally, you’ll need it to cast your fishing rod. 

In contrast to other tools, you won’t use up any energy when using the Scythe. You also won’t get tired when gathering ores with a Copper pan. The same holds true when using weapons to battle monsters.

How to Get more Energy In Stardew Valley

1. Relaxing at The Spa

Restore energy at the Spa
Just relax and soak in and restore your stamina.

Try energizing yourself by paying a visit to the Spa southwest of the Railroad in Pelican Town. Once you enter the establishment, you must pass through the changing room according to your gender. Then, you’ll automatically change into your swimsuit upon entering the covered path of the locker room towards the pool area.

After that, you must take a dip in the steaming hot pool. Once you spend time in the water, a restoration effect of 10 points per second will take place. You may leave the pool and spa anytime as soon as you’re satisfied and energized.

2. Eating a Stardrop

This Stardrop fruit may be rare but its long term effect is worth it!

One of the best ways to get more of this valuable resource in Stardew Valley is by consuming a Stardrop fruit. This special item doesn’t only taste like a dream; it permanently increases your maximum energy by up to 34 points.

There are only seven Stardrops in Stardew Valley for you to collect. Eating all of them doubles your initial value of 270 maximum energy to a whopping 508. Moreover, it can help you reach Perfection after locating all of it. 

Note that once you get your hands on this fruit, you must eat it immediately because you can’t store it in your inventory. Furthermore, upon consumption, its restoration effects will take effect regardless of how low or high it is, but it won’t replenish your health. 

There are seven ways to obtain a Stardrop in Stardew Valley. However, you may only get one from each source mentioned below. Here’s a list of the following locations where you can get this fruit:

  • Buy one for 2,000 star tokens at the Stardew Valley Fair.
  • Receive one as a reward for donating 95 items to the Museum.
  • Acquire one from the Mines’ 100th-floor treasure chest.
  • Buy from Krobus for 20,000g in the Sewers.
  • Obtain one from a letter sent by Willy after getting the Master Angler Achievement.
  • Receive one fruit from Old Master Cannoli after handing him a Sweet Gem Berry in the Secret Woods.
  • Get one from your NPC spouse or roommate upon attaining 12.5 hearts in your friendship level. While in multiplayer mode, this fruit will appear in a gift box for each player after their wedding. Whether you get divorced or remarried, you can only get one Stardrop fruit per spouse or roommate.

3. Sleeping Early and avoiding exhaustion

Sleep early to have energy the next day
Get an early night’s rest and wake up fully revitalized!

To wake up fully energized the following day you must avoid exhausting yourself the day before and go to bed before 12:00 AM. Otherwise, sleeping late will lessen the restoration effects you’ll receive the morning after. Hence, you won’t be able to receive the maximum amount of energy for the day.   

Sleeping may remove your exhaustion, but there’s a 50% reduction in Energy restoration. Furthermore, if you sleep past 12:00 AM, there will be a stacking penalty that awaits you the next day.

Here’s a table of the penalty values for sleeping late:

TimeEnergy Loss

4. Eating And Drinking

Energy from food and drinks
Fill yourself up with these delicious dishes and drinks.

You can also consume food and drinks that will give you a temporary increase in maximum Energy. You can only have two of these buffs active simultaneously from one food and drink. Furthermore, It can help you temporarily reach the maximum value of Energy of 588.

Here’s a table of the food and drinks that have energy-positive buffs:

NameIngredientsEnergyHealthMax Energy BuffOther Buff/sBuff DurationRecipe Source
Red PlateRed Cabbage (1)
Radish (1)
+240+108+50N/A3m 30sReceive in the Mail from Emily after reaching 7+ hearts.
Super MealBok Choy (1)
Cranberries (1)
Artichoke (1)
+160+72+40Speed (+1)3m 30sReceive in the Mail from Kent after reaching 7+ hearts.
Bean HotpotGreen Bean (2)+125+56+30Magnetism (+32)7mAcquire this in your mail from Clint upon reaching 7+ hearts friendship level.
Green TeaTea Leaves (1)+13+5+30N/A4m 12sMake in a Keg.
Lobster BisqueLobster (1)
Milk (1)
+225+101+50Fishing (+3)16m 47sGet from staying tuned in The Queen of Sauce episode on Year 2 Winter Day 14.
Receive this in the mail from WIlly when you reach his nine hearts event.
Complete BreakfastFried Egg (1)
Milk (1)
Hashbrowns (1)
Pancakes (1)
+200+90+50Farming (+2)7mGet this from watching The Queen of Sauce episode on Year 2 Spring Day 21.
Tom Kha SoupCoconut (1)
Shrimp (1)
Common Mushroom (1)
+175+78+30Farming (+2)7mGet this from Sandy in your mail when you reach her seven hearts event.

5. Getting Medical Supplies

Give these supplements a try and enjoy the benefits.

You may also want to visit the town’s Clinic and get some Medical supplies from Harvey or Maru by the counter. Only two items are available for purchase, and both serve different purposes. See the table below for more information on the two products you can buy in the Clinic:

NameEnergyHealthPurchase PriceOther Source(s)
Energy Tonic5002251,000gFind it in the Skull Cavern’s Treasure Rooms.
Receive in the mail from Pam.
Have a 5% chance of getting this in an Iridium Bat drop.
Muscle Remedy50221,000gN/A

6. Leveling Up Skills

It’s so cool that you can enhance your skills and wake up to a full energy bar the next day.

You’ll wake up with a full energy bar the morning after leveling up a skill or switching professions at the Statue Of Uncertainty. After leveling up, you’ll receive this boost by gaining enough experience points. Note that this occurs regardless of how much sleep you got the night before or if you’re exhausted.

7. Kissing

Kiss your spouse to get energy
Kissing your spouse is a great way to start your morning.

Giving your husband or wife a smooch provides you with a little bit of energy. You’ll see this when a heart appears over your head when you’re kissing. It can also relieve your exhaustion.


1. What Happens If You Pass Out From Exhaustion Stardew Valley?

If you fall asleep outside your home, you’ll be carried to your bed by Linus, Dr. Harvey, Marlon, or one of JojaMart’s medical team. You’ll also lose 10% of your gold up to 1,000g or around 2,500g in the Volcano Dungeon. However, passing out inside the Farmhouse from exhaustion will bear no consequences.

On the other hand, if one of the players in Multiplayer mode passes out from exhaustion, a notification will appear in the chat. The guidelines mentioned earlier will apply in this situation. Nonetheless, you’ll receive a letter in the mail the next day regarding the money you lost and what happened the night you passed out.

2. Why is my Energy Half Stardew Valley?

Alongside losing 10% of your gold, waking up from exhaustion the previous day will halve your energy. After the exhaustion indicator appears on your screen, your movements become sluggish, and you can’t use your tools anymore. Moreover, the day will come to an end the moment it drops below -15.

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I love playing Stardew Valley to unwind and relax when I have some free time. It serves as my wonderful retreat and stress reliever when life gets tough. I recommend this game to anyone looking to escape their fast-paced and hectic lives.

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