Best List of the 14 Beds in Stardew Valley

Are you looking for something new to do in Stardew Valley? Why not try redecorating your Farmhouse with one of the beds in Stardew Valley? After about three to five years in-game, players mostly have a self-sufficient farm, an obscene amount of gold, and more time on their hands. Read on to find out more about the 14 beds, how and where to acquire them, and design tips for your Farmhouse bedroom!

Beds in Stardew Valley Farmhouse
Strawberry Double Bed in Farmhouse

What are Beds in Stardew valley?

Stardew Valley is not one of those games where you can stay up all night, never sleep, and farm forever. There’s a nifty game mechanic that makes you pass out at exactly 2AM. The day cycle in the game is only 20 hours (6AM-2AM). The limited hours mean that farmers need to plan out their days in advance and make sure they get to bed before passing out of exhaustion. For more information about the day cycle in Stardew Valley, check out this guide!

Beds in Stardew Valley are essential to gameplay and are one of the first things the farmer automatically has inside the Farmhouse. Beds allow you to sleep and recover energy for the next day. Going to sleep ends the day and saves the game.

How to get beds in Stardew Valley?

Beds can be found mainly at Robin’s Carpenter Shop in the Mountains and the Furniture Catalogue which you can also purchase at the Carpenter’s Shop for 200,000g. The Furniture Catalogue contains virtually every furniture in the game (except for special exceptions) which you can purchase for 0g by right-clicking on it.

Some Beds can be purchased only in special places or by triggering certain circumstances. Players can even trade valuable items for Beds in the Desert Trader and Ginger Island Trader.

Beds come in only two types: Child Bed and Adult Bed. Players can only use the Adult Beds. Interestingly, Beds in Stardew Valley can only be placed inside Farmhouses and not outside or in Sheds.

Listed below are all 14 Beds in Stardew Valley with the corresponding sources and prices:

Child BedCarpenter’s Shop
Furniture Catalogue
Single BedCarpenter’s Shop
Furniture Catalogue
Double BedCarpenter’s Shop
Furniture Catalogue
Birch Double BedDesert Trader(1) Pearl
Deluxe Red Double BedCarpenter’s Shop
*available after “Robin’s Project”
Pirate Double BedFurniture Catalogue
Penny’s 14-Heart Event
Starry Double BedFurniture Catalogue
Penny’s 14-Heart Event
Strawberry Double BedFurniture Catalogue
Penny’s 14-Heart Event
Exotic Double BedQi’s Walnut Room50 Qi Gems
Modern Double BedCasino
Furniture Catalogue
8,000 Qi Coins
Fisher Double BedFish Shop25,000g
Tropical BedIsland Trader
Furniture Catalogue
(20) Ginger
Tropical Double BedIsland Trader
Furniture Catalogue
(5) Banana
Wild Double BedIsland Trader(100) Cinder Shards

Design tips for your Farmhouse Bedroom in Stardew valley!

  • Themes! If you look at the list of all furniture in Stardew, you can certainly detect motifs and furniture sets. Some have the same type of wood and color and others have themes that complement each other. Below are examples of Farmhouse interior designs surrounding the Bed with cohesive themed furniture.
  • Save Time! If you’re a speed-runner or just a normal player looking to save time, then move your bed near the door! It saves walking time when it’s 1:40 AM and you’re about to pass out. You can also move your TV near the door as well so that your morning routine is streamlined and efficient in saving precious minutes in the very fast-paced day cycle of Stardew Valley.
  • Wait for Late Game. Typically, decorating and buying furniture comes late-game in Stardew. At the beginning, most players concentrate on completing the Community Center or Jojamart, making their farm as efficient and profitable as possible, and befriending the villagers of Pelican Town. The rotating stock of wallpapers, floorings, and furniture at Pierre’s, Carpenter’s Shop, Jojamart, and the Traveling Cart is too random and expensive for early-game. Wait for when you can afford the Catalogue at Pierre’s for 30,000g and the Furniture Catalogue at Carpenter’s Shop for 200,000g. After purchasing these, all wallpapers, floorings, and furniture will be available to you for 0g at unlimited quantities. Certainly, the beds in Stardew Valley can wait for you!

There you have it! These are all fourteen Beds in Stardew Valley, including some design tips for your farmhouse. Happy playing, everyone!

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