Void Egg: Benefits, Selling and More

Has a witch visited your farm and left an ominous-looking egg in your coop? If you’re stumped about its use, don’t worry; this jet black egg has some monetary value. Learn more about this egg by reading this guide.

The player holding the Void Egg.
In Stardew Valley, the Void Egg looks like this.

When you obtain a Void Egg, you don’t want to pass up the chance to turn it into an artisan product. This food item is also quite profitable and not entirely useless.

In this guide, we’ll talk about how you can get this dark-encrusted egg, its uses, and its benefits.

What Is A Void Egg?

This jet-black egg with red flecks is an animal product of Void Chickens. Aside from its good restorative properties, it’s also one of the highest-selling eggs in Stardew Valley.

Here’s a full table of its energy and healing effects:

Void Egg’s QualityEnergyHealth

Where to get A Void Egg

Luck plays a part in acquiring this item, but you can grind your way to obtain it if you don’t want to wait. A quick and convenient way to get this item is to venture beneath the sewers and purchase it for 5,000g from Krobus. However, the traveling cart is a cheaper option, costing only 1,200g.

Short on funds? Luckily, there’s a random event where the Witch drops a Void Egg in your chicken coop. This approach is cost-free and a lot more suitable for newbies. However, this random event won’t trigger unless you have a big coop or deluxe coop.

Alternatively, Void Salmon can produce one void egg as long as the pond population reaches nine, but the odds of dropping one is 1/4. Players married to Shane may also receive an egg from him. 

After acquiring the egg, simply pop it in the incubator. Hatching void eggs can be time-consuming, as it takes six days to incubate. Nonetheless, you can make your time valuable by mining, farming, fishing, and completing quests or bundles. 

If you’re in a rush, the Coopmaster profession can speed the incubation process by approximately three days.

Selling Prices

Do you want to make money effortlessly? You can start selling void eggs for a living. Since void chickens don’t require petting to affect their egg’s sell price and quality, you can use their products as your money-maker. Its base price starts at 65g, but you may become a rancher if you want to raise its selling price.

Here’s the price list of Void eggs with and without being a rancher, alongside its artisan prices:

QualityNormalWith RancherVoid MayonnaiseVoid Mayonnaise with RancherVoid Mayonnaise with Artisan

Although it takes time, they’re profitable enough to recoup your investment in upgrading the coop or purchasing the egg. But if we’re to recommend a more lucrative way of earning, selling their artisan goods is the way to go!

The player holding a void Mayo after processing the void egg in the mayonnaise machine
Tip of advice: Avoid profit losses from selling regular void eggs. Instead, process them into artisan goods to boost their value.

By placing these eggs into the mayonnaise machine, you can expect 275g in earnings. However, if you’re an Artisan, you can expect 330g since the selling price increases by 20%.


In terms of cooking, you can substitute regular chicken or duck eggs with Void Egg. Here are the dishes you can prepare using this item:

RecipeIngredientsEnergyEnergy with QSHealthHealth with QSBuff + DurationBuff + Duration with QSSelling PriceSelling Price with QSRecipe Source
Crab CakesAny Egg (1) Crab (1)
Wheat Flour (1) Oil (1)
+225+405+101+182+1 Speed +1 Defense (16 minutes)+1 Speed +2 Defense (25 minutes)275g412gTV, Year 2, Fall 21
Chocolate CakeAny Egg (1) Sugar (1) What Flour (1)+150+270+67+121200g300gTV, Year 1, Winter 14
PancakesAny Egg (1) Wheat Flour (1)+90+162+40+72+2 Foraging (11 minutes)+3 Foraging (16 minutes)80g120gTV, Year 1, Summer 14
OmeletAny Egg (1) Any Milk (1)+100+180+45+81125g187gTV, Year 1, Spring 28

100g from Stardrop Saloon
Pink CakeAny Egg (1) Melon (1) Wheat Flour (1) Sugar (1)+250+450+112g+202480g720gTV, Year 2, Summer 21  
CookieAny Egg (1) Wheat Flour (1) Sugar (1)+90+162+40+72140g210gEvelyn’s 4-heart event
Fried EggAny Egg (1)+50+90+22+4035g52gFarmhouse upgrade
Blueberry TartAny Egg (1) Wheat Flour (1) Blueberry (1)
Sugar (1)
+125+225+56+101150g225g150g from Pierre’s store


If you’re looking to update your clothing, create a wearable shirt with this item. Although it has an emo aesthetic, the shirt complements your void chickens perfectly.


It wouldn’t be wise to gift this to Pelican town’s villagers—except for Krobus and Sebastian. 


Apart from gifting and cooking, you’ll need this egg for the following quests:

  • Goblin Problem Quest. Give one Void Mayonnaise as a bribe to the Henchman in the Witch’s Swamp.
  • Fish Pond Quest. Throw in 1 egg to increase the capacity of the pond from 5 to 7. 
  • Completing the collections page.

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