No One Talks About The Epic Fishing In The Mines!

Fishing in the Mines is a forgotten aspect of Stardew Valley. Are you wondering how to complete the Specialty Fish Bundle in the Community Center? What even is a Ghost Fish? If you find yourself scratching your head not knowing how to complete the Aquarium bundles in the Community Center, check this guide out.

A picture showing the location of the Mines in Stardew Valley
The Entrance to the Mines

The Mines are located Northeast of Robin’s Carpenter’s Shop. In total, there are 120 floors/levels in the mines. Three of these floors have special lakes where the player is able to fish. To find out more in-depth information about the Mines in Stardew Valley, check out this wiki! Fishing in the mines is possible in floors 20, 60, and 100. Read on to find out which fish you can catch at which floor and how to catch these elusive lake dwellers as efficiently as possible!

What fish can you catch in the mines in stardew valley?

Ghost Fish

The pale white and grey fish can be caught in the lakes in Mine levels 20 and 60. The Ghost Fish can be caught any day, any time, and any season. The player needs this fish in order to complete the Specialty Fish bundle for the Community Center. Of the Mine Fish, the Ghost Fish is the least difficult to procure as its fishing difficulty level is only at 50.

Interestingly, the Ghost Fish is an 8% drop of the Ghost in the Mines. Moreover, players can find it in the Traveling Cart for 135-1000 gold.

Stone Fish

The boxy brown fish can be caught only in the lakes of Mine level 20. Players can catch the Stone Fish any day, time, and season. Up by a little, the Stone Fish’s difficulty level is at 65. However, the Stone Fish is inedible and does not restore health unless used in a recipe.

While not the most profitable in a fish pond, the Stone Fish produces a good amount of copper ore, geodes, stone, and diamonds.

Ice Pip

The ice blue fish can be caught only in the lakes of Mine level 60. Players can catch the Ice Pip any day, time, and season; however, the difficulty level is up there at 85.

Certainly, the Ice Pip is worth the challenge of fishing in the mines. When grown in a Fish Pond on the farm, the Ice Pip can produce valuable Iron ores, Frozen Geodes, Frozen Tears, and Diamonds!

Lava Eel

The deep red fish are caught only in the lakes of Mine level 100. Similarly, players can catch the Lava Eel any time, day, and season. Above all, this fish proves the most challenging to catch at difficulty level 90.

The Lava Eel is part of the Master’s Fisher’s Bundle in the Remixed bundles of the Community Center. This fish is one of the most profitable fish to grow in a fish pond. For example, Aged Lava Roe sells for 1,064 gold with the Artisan Perk. Moreover, players can also harvest gold ores, magma geodes, and spicy eels from a full Lava Eel fish pond.

How to fish in the mines in Stardew Valley?

Player in front of the level 100 lake in the mines

Fishing in the Mines is a challenging yet rewarding task for any player. To start with, players must never leave home without their fishing rods! Fishing is as big and important to the game as any other skill. However, fishing in the mines isn’t easy. You’ll get trash most of the time and the rest of the time, algae.

First, if you’re planning on getting the Ghost Fish just for the Community Center then the Bamboo Pole is sufficient enough for the task. However, the other Mine Fish are much more difficult to catch. and therefore, need a better fishing rod. As soon as you can afford it, buy the Fiberglass rod then the Iridium rod.

Second, increase your fishing skill first! Fish are easier to catch with a high fishing level. As a result, the green bar behind the fish increases in size as your fishing skills level up.

Third, fishing equipment matters! Importantly, bait and tackle make the hugest difference when it comes to catching difficult fish. Play around with the different fishing equipment you can craft or acquire at Willy’s to see which suits your style of fishing the best. Curiosity Lure in particular, increases the chances of spawning any of these Mine Fish. Dressed Tackle works as well for increasing fish bite chance as opposed to trash.

Overall, be sure to have your fishing rod, bait, tackle, and a high fishing skill before you go fishing in the mines!

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