Strawberry: Cultivation, Selling, Benefits, and More

Growing sweet fruits don’t just give enough healing effect but also tons of gold. Don’t miss the chance to cultivate a Strawberry this Spring. Here’s a quick guide that can help you grow and make a profit from it!

A player with a  space filled with strawberry fruits in Stardew Valley.
Fresh Strawberries from the farm!

If you’re out of ideas on what you should produce this Spring, you might consider cultivating a farm filled with strawberries. This luscious fruit helps increase your profit by just selling and making artisan goods with it.

To satisfy your interest in getting more gold, here’s a guide to help you develop one of the best crops in Stardew Valley!

What’s a Strawberry?

It’s a fruit crop that comes from Strawberry Seeds. Consuming it restores your health and energy, but the amount of restoration depends on your yield’s quality:

Silver Star+70+31
Gold Star+90+40
Iridium Star+130+58

How to Grow a Strawberry?

A player holding a hyper speed-gro in Stardew Valley.
Take care of your crops with some fertilizer!

Producing it takes eight days, and once you harvest them, they regrow after four days. Unfortunately, it only gives a single fruit, but there’s a 2% chance for it to spawn more.

Additionally, you can add Speed-Gro (SG), Deluxe Speed-Gro (DSG), and Hyper Speed-Gro (HSG) to hasten its development process. It gets better if you pair these fertilizers with your Agriculturist Profession.

With FertilizerGrowth Percentage (%)No. of DaysGrowth Percentage (%) of with Agriculturist No. of Days with Agriculturist

You can also alter the number of Strawberries by planting the crop on the right day. Here’s the quantity of fruits that you’ll gather and the days it’ll take to harvest them if you follow these dates:

Growth Speed Percentage (%)Growing DaysSpring 1 No. of Harvest Days No. of ProduceDay of Egg Festival No. of Harvest DaysNo. of ProduceSpring 14 No. of Harvest DaysNo. of Produce
No Fertilizer/ Profession82058272

Aside from following these schedules, you can get three Strawberries by planting them on Spring 13 and using a Speed-Gro. But you first need to finish the Spring Crop Bundle and visit the Community Center after the Egg Festival before cultivating it.

Selling Prices

a player surrounded by strawberry wine and jam in Stardew Valley.
We get creative in making profits in Stardew Valley.

You can sell a Strawberry for 120g, and with your Tiller Profession, its price increases by 10%. But if you plan to make wine and jelly with it, your Artisan Profession will raise its selling price by 40%.

Here’s a comparative summary of the profit you’ll get with this fruit crop:

QualityNormalWith Tiller Juice/WineJuice/Wine with Artisan JamJam with Artisan
Silver Star150g165g450g630g
Gold Star180g198g540g756g
Iridium Star240g264g720g1,008g


A player wearing a farmers pants in stardew valley.
A Farmers Pants make everything else fit perfectly!

You can make Farmers Pants with a Strawberry and red dyes for pots in Stardew Valley.


Demetrius and Maru will love it if they receive it as a gift. While others have mixed feelings about it, except for Abigail, Haley, Jas, and Vincent, who dislikes it.


Not used in any quests.


Not used in any bundles.

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