Everything you need to know about wallpaper in stardew valley!

Bored with your current farmhouse?  Looking to redecorate?  Wallpaper might be the best thing for your farmer!  Give each room in your house a new fresh look with over 100 unique wallpapers!

How to get new wallpaper?

Wallpaper is sold in several stores in Pelican Town.  The best deal is from Pierre’s general store for 100g, but if you’re doing a jojamart run you can get it there as well for 250g.  Wallpaper purchased at those stores can only be placed once.  Wallpaper can also be gotten from the catalogue which allows you to place any wallpaper or flooring for free, with unlimited uses!  Only go that route if you plan on redecorating a lot though because the catalogue is 30,000g.  You also get special wallpaper if you choose one of the non-standard farms.  The forest farm, beach farm, four-corners farm, riverland farm, hill-top farm, and wilderness farm all come with unique farmhouses with thematic wallpaper. 

What wallpapers can you get?

There are over 100 wallpapers and none of them have unique names so it can be difficult to pick the best ones.  I have put them into categories that might help you pick the best ones for your farm!

Wood Wallpaper:

(1) A simple light-yellow wood paneling.  This is the standard wallpaper. 

(12) A darker wood paneling.  This wallpaper is used for the riverland farm!

(63) A green wood paneling!

(64) A dark and light brown wood paneling!

(65) A blue wood paneling!

(96) A darker wood paneling, used in the wilderness farm!

(Picture-105) A lighter wood paneling!

(106) A grey wood paneling!

Bricks Wallpaper:

(13) A dark gray brick, could be used for a gothic theme, or a secret dungeon!  This wallpaper is used in the Hilltop farm!

(19) A nice simple 2d vertical brick pattern!

(20) A more detailed brick pattern!

(66) Big tan cement blocks!  This wallpaper is used in the four-corners farm!

(67) Rainbow bricks!  Great for any setting!

(Picture-81) Purple bricks!  Great for a house shared with Abigail!

Solid Colors:

(50) Two solid colors, both pink!  This wallpaper would be great to add color and life to any room!

(72) A nice yellow color!

(73) A nice pink color!

(74) A nice blue-y purple color!

(75) A nice light green color!

(77) A beautiful deep red color!

(78) A beautiful deep purple color!

(79) A beautiful deep green color!

Ombre Colors:

(16) An ombre pattern from light yellow to a muted red!  Very simple and well-designed!

(34) A horizontally stripped ombre pattern, from orange to red!

(35) Another horizontally stripped ombre pattern, this one from pink to purple!

(39) Another horizontally stripped ombre pattern, this one with smaller stripes and from light to dark blue!

(68) This ombre is so hidden you might miss it, but it goes from white to a very light gray!

(69) A light blue to white!

(70) A pink to purple!

(71) A green to orange!

(103) A boxy light to dark green!

(110) A muted orange to purple!

Stripped Wallpaper:

(28) A nice, blue-stripped pattern!

(29) A bright yellow striped pattern!  Great for a baby’s room!

(51) Horizontal blue stripes, both light and dark blue!

(53) Horizontal yellow stripes!

(85) Horizontal pink stripes!

(86) Angled green stripes!

(98) A nice range of colors in a vertical striped pattern!

(101) Green and white vertical stripes!

(112) Purple and white vertical stripes!

Simple Patterned Wallpaper:

(6) A nice red pattern, could be leaves or could just be shapes!

(8) A beautiful light pink pattern with little flowers!

(9) A light green flannel pattern, great for a woodsy vibe!

(11) Another light pink wallpaper, this time with hearts!

(17) A blue base with white squares, almost snow like!

(18) A orange-y yellow base with red and green squares, this would work great with an 80s theme!

(23) A simple jagged brown pattern!

(33) A light grey based with darker ovals!

(41) A green square pattern with wood covering the bottom half!

(52) A nice orange ornate design, great to add a fancy touch to your farmhouse!

(55) This wallpaper adds a wood addition to your walls, placed over a green base!

(56) A square pattern with a yellow base and brown lines!

(57) A black square pattern!

(58) Another square pattern, this one has a white base and light brown lines!

(59) A nice brown zigzag pattern!

(Picture-60) A dark pattern with lines going up it!

(76) A tan base with small brown dots!

(81) A grey base with small black dots!

(88) A green weaving pattern!

(Picture-89) A yellow weaving pattern!

(92) A light purple base with a simple star pattern!

(94) A dotted gray pattern!

(95) A purple design with circles!

(99) A blue base with white dots and a wood paneling on the bottom half!

(100) A pink base with white dots and a wood paneling on the bottom half!

(102) An angular zigzag pattern!

(104) A grey-y pink base with small gray lines and dots!

Abstract Patterned Wallpaper:

(15) A pattern similar to some computer sleeping screens!

(31) A glowing purple design that looks almost like wires!  This could add a cyberpunk theme for those fantasy loving farmers out there.  

(40) Another wire-looking pattern, this time red with wood at the bottom!

(42) Looking for a fancier choice?  This wallpaper has a beautiful intricate pattern, gold over red, with wood on the bottom.

(49) This wallpaper looks like a design from the Zelda games!  This is a great pattern to add some Hyrule vacation vibes!

(54) An orange-y red base with symbols all over it!  Could be doodles or runes, it’s up to you!

(84) Looking for a machine look?  This is a great choice!

(91) A pattern of building!  Or phones!  Or maybe calculators?

(97) Ever wished it rained rainbows?  This is the wallpaper for you!

Nature Patterned Wallpaper:

(2) Palm trees!  Great for a fun beachy vibe!

(3) An underwater look with fish swimming around!  

(26) Floating leaves on a gray background, wonderful for the fall season!

(30) A fern style pattern!  Great for a nature filled home, especially if you love foraging!

(32) Love mushrooms?  This wallpaper will bring your passion from the outside to the inside!

(38) Love the forest?  Try this wooded patterned wallpaper! 

(43) Another mushroom wallpaper!  This one has lighter colors!

(83) A stylistic hill landscape!

(93) A green base with a leaf pattern!  This wallpaper is used in the forest farm!

(Picture-107) An ocean!  This wallpaper is used in the beach farm!

(108) A holly pattern!

Spooky Wallpaper:

(22) An incredibly spooky Jojamart themed wallpaper!  Great for your villain save!

(24) Bring a cavern vibe with this wallpaper!  Great for if you’re missing the mines!

(25) This stardew valley wallpaper brings a nice green slimy energy into your house!

(47) A spooky purple sky with bats flying around!

(48) A pattern of skeletons!  Great if you loved to be watched or if you want to turn your basement into a cemetery!

Sky Wallpaper:

(4) A colorful nighttime sky, great for stargazing inside!

(5) Another nighttime sky, this time just in black and white!  Great for a simplistic stargazing look!

(10) A view of a sky overlooking a garden!

(14) A beautiful purple sunset over trees!

(21) A simple blue sky with clouds!

(27) A dark night sky over a cityscape!  This wallpaper will help your farmer remember why they came to Pelican Town in the first place!  Or give them a reminder of home!

(36) A beautiful pink sunset!

(43) Shining blue stars over dark wood paneling!

(Picture-45) A grey sky over purple hills!  Very Dr Suess!

(46) A blue sky behind a beautiful winter wonderland!

(87) A purple sunset hiding behind grand marble pillars! 

(90) A yellow sky with clouds and palm trees!  Great for a move to Ginger Island!

(108) A beautiful night sky!

Silly Wallpaper:

(7) A sports themed wallpaper!  Great for kids, or a home shared with Alex! 

(37) A yellow pattern of… goo?  cheese?  Either way it’s fun!

(61) A pizza pattern!  Great for a kid’s room!

(62) Another kid’s room classic, dinosaurs!

(80) Oh look!  Minecraft!!

(111) A nice macaroni noodles pattern!

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