Crafted items item codes stardew valley

This is a list of every crafted items item code in Stardew Valley. If you are looking for more Stardew Valley item codes check out our complete list.

Crafted items item codes

NameSpawn Code
Ancient Seeds[499]
Barbed Hook[691]
Basic Fertilizer[368]
Basic Retaining Soil[370]
Brick Floor[293]
Bug Steak[874]
Cherry Bomb[286]
Cobblestone Path[411]
Cookout Kit[926]
Cork Bobber[695]
Crab Pot[710]
Crystal Floor[333]
Crystal Path[409]
Deluxe Fertilizer[919]
Deluxe Retaining Soil[920]
Deluxe Speed-Gro[466]
Dressed Spinner[687]
Drum Block[463]
Explosive Ammo[441]
Fairy Dust[872]
Fiber Seeds[885]
Field Snack[403]
Flute Block[464]
Glowstone Ring[888]
Grass Starter[297]
Gravel Path[407]
Hardwood Fence[298]
Hyper Speed-Gro[918]
Iridium Band[527]
Iridium Sprinkler[645]
Iron Fence[324]
Lead Bobber[692]
Life Elixir[773]
Magic Bait[908]
Mayonnaise Machine[306]
Mega Bomb[288]
Monster Musk[879]
Oil of Garlic[772]
Pressure Nozzle[915]
Quality Bobber[877]
Quality Fertilizer[369]
Quality Retaining Soil[371]
Quality Sprinkler[621]
Rain Totem[681]
Ring of Yoba[524]
Rustic Plank Floor[840]
Stepping Stone Path[415]
Stone Fence[323]
Stone Floor[329]
Stone Walkway Floor[841]
Straw Floor[401]
Sturdy Ring[525]
Tea Sapling[251]
Thorns Ring[839]
Trap Bobber[694]
Treasure Hunter[693]
Tree Fertilizer[805]
Warrior Ring[521]
Warp Totem: Beach[690]
Warp Totem: Desert[261]
Warp Totem: Farm[688]
Warp Totem: Island[886]
Warp Totem: Mountains[689]
Weathered Floor[331]
Wedding Ring[801]
Wild Bait[774]
Wood Fence[322]
Wood Floor[328]
Wood Path[405]

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