Jade | Is it A Useful Mineral?

Iris Eichinger

Jade is described as a “pale green ornamental stone.”  It’s a mineral that has many uses in the game Stardew Valley.  Here I’ll go through every way to get, use and sell Jade!

Where can you find Jade?

Jade can be found in many ways!  It can be found in Jade Nodes and Gem Nodes in the deeper levels of the mines.  Also in the mines, it can be dropped by blue slimes, tiger slimes and Dwarvish Sentries.  If you make it to the bottom of the mines it can be found in a garbage can.  If fishing is more your style, Jade can also be found in fishing treasure chests!  If none of those are getting you good results, you might get it as a gift at the Feast of the Winter Star.  

What are the uses of Jade?

While Jade is not used in any community center bundles or recipes, it still has plenty of uses!  Including gifting, tailoring and even trading for staircases!  I’ll go through them one at a time. 

How to trade Jade for Staircases?

This is definitely the most interesting use for Jade.  If you find yourself in the Calico Desert, try seeking out the Desert Trader!  He will trade you one staircase for one jade on Sundays.  Staircases allow you to go down one floor of the mines without having to break all the rocks looking for a hole!  If you’re looking for other great deals from the Desert Trader, try 100 batwings for a Butterfly Hutch or a desert warp totem for only 5 omni geodes!  

A player visiting the desert trader in Calico Desert.

How to Sell Jade?

Selling Jade is pretty simple!  The selling price is 200g, 260g if you have a geologist profession!  There is nothing you can do to increase the selling price so it’s not a great main source of income, but it can be a great little boost during the winter if you’re running low on resources.


Jade can be used in the spool of the sewing machine to create a beautiful green and blue ombre shirt.  It can also be used as green dye in the dying pots in Emily and Haley’s house. 


If you’re looking to upgrade your weapons, Jade can be used to increase the critical hit of a melee weapon in the forge!  The forge is found on floor 10 of the volcano dungeon.  


Jade can be a great gift, depending on the villager. Here is a table of everyone’s opinion of jade so you can make sure they love your gifts!  

LovesClint , Dwarf , Emily
LikesAbigail , Alex , Caroline , Demetrius , Elliott , Evelyn ,
George , Gus , Haley , Harvey , Jas , Jodi , Kent , Krobus ,
Leo , Lewis , Marnie , Maru , Pam , Penny , Robin , Sam ,
Sandy , Sebastian , Shane , Vincent , Willy , Wizard
DislikesLeah , Linus , Pierre


Jade is used for quite a few quests!  Once you have reached floor 40 in the mines, jade may be requested on the help wanted sign outside of Pierre’s general store for a reward of 600g and 150 friendship points. If you have the fish pond, jade can be requested by multiple fish.  Once you’ve had the special orders board set up outside of Mayor Lewis’s house, Emily will request it as a part of her “rock rejuvenation” quest.  She needs 1 ruby, 1 topaz, 1 emerald, 1 jade and 1 amethyst in order to have a ceremony with her friends!  Completing that quest gives you 1,000g, 250 friendship points, a sewing machine and a cut scene!

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