copper ore: everything you need to know in Stardew Valley

What are the best floors to mine Copper in Stardew Valley? Are you itching to craft an item yet slumped by the lack of materials, interested in an answer? Look no further and let’s find out as this guide will tell you the best levels and places to farm them!

mining copper ores
Hitting a copper node with a pickaxe.

There are few types of ore in Stardew Valley, and Copper Ore is the first of many you’ll discover early on. In the early game, they’re vital as it unlocks more items for tools and upgrades. For example, a piece of coal and four Copper Ores allow the players to craft a furnace essential for smelting different metal bars

Typically, breaking nodes in the Mines, you get ores. The pickaxe is the primary tool to help you get loads of them. You obtain your first grade of pickaxe at the start of the game. If you’re planning to grind in the mines to collect ores, you must invest in upgrading this tool. It’ll save you time and energy, especially early in-game. This guide will also tell you the different places to acquire them that are not limited to mining.

Hit the Mines

using the cherry bomb to blast nodes and rocks in Stardew Valley mine
Using a bomb to blast nodes and surrounding rocks.

Level 2-39 of the mountain mines typically have a high concentration of copper nodes. It’s important to remember that this is also affected by daily luck and fortune. When the fortune teller predicts terrible luck or a displeasing day, it might not be a good time to hit the mines.  Copper Ores will still be present on higher mining levels, but their number dwindles at levels below 40. 

Another sure-fire to get ores is by using Bombs. The cherry bombs available to craft at Mining Level 1 (the craft recipe is 4x copper ore and 1x of coal, or buy it from the dwarf for 3,000g) can get you multiple ores in one blast. The cherry bomb, however, has a limited blast radius. It might not be as powerful as its other bomb counterparts, but for a new player still learning the ropes, this helps. So, bomb away and fire it in the hole!

There’s a high probability for regular rocks to yield ores when nodes surround them. This is also applicable for mining levels with large areas of tillable soil. Chances of copper ore being dropped as monster loot are also likely to happen on the specified mining levels and some infested floors. Breaking barrels and crates on floors will also yield ore sometimes. 

If specific floors have a high number of copper nodes, it’s possible to recollect them again. This is done by re-entering the same floor levels using the elevator. This technique has high chances of the floor respawning the exact quantities of ore. But this is only applicable for the regular mountain mine.

Other than the regular mountain mine, copper ores are also in the Skull Cavern, the Quarry, and the Quarry Mine.

Other ways to get Copper Ores

If mining is out in the cards for the day, other ways exist to obtain it in the game. Here is a list of where to find or get them:

  1. Geode – there’s a 1/12 chance of getting copper ore in geodes, frozen geodes, magma geodes, and Omni-geodes.
  2. Quarry on the Hill-top and Four-Corners Farm Maps– nodes that spawn here are random and might be affected by daily luck.
  3. Blacksmith- if you have a lot of gold to spare, you can purchase it for 75g each on the first year and 150g the years after
  4. Copper slimes- possible monster drop from combat at the quarry mine.
  5. Fishing treasure chest- a stack of 1-24 ores at 5-12% when found in lower fishing zones.
  6. Artifact Spot- can be found anywhere in town- a stack of 1-5 ores depending on daily luck.
  7. Copper pan- copper ores are one of the common items found when panning.
  8. Stonefish Fish Pond- 5x copper ores may be produced after the first quest is completed and the population in the pond reaches three

Miner Profession

Later in the game, choosing the Miner Profession at Level 5 increases the number of ores obtained per vein of node or rock. This is great, especially for those who wish to farm ores for tool upgrades, crafting, and profit.

Farming ores can be daunting at first but learning where to go is now a thing of the past.

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