Purple Star Item Quality In Stardew Valley.

A Purple Star may appear next to an item in your inventory. Located in the bottom-left corner of an item in your inventory, this means that it is of Iridium Quality – the highest in the game.

What Is Item Quality In Stardew Valley?

Every Item in Stardew valley has a Quality rating. There are four possible levels of Quality. On an item’s icon in your inventory, at the bottom right, there may be an icon. You will see either nothing, a silver star, a gold star, or a purple star in ascending order of quality.

A higher quality item sells for more money than a lower quality one. Higher quality good also provide much better benefits when consumed.

How Can I Get Purple Star Items?

There are two ways that players can get the highest quality Items. They can craft them or forage them.

How Do I Craft Purple Star Items?

To craft items of the highest quality, the player will first need to upgrade their house completely. Everything from top to bottom, including the Cellar. Once you have fully upgraded everything, you will be able to store certain items in the Casks now located in the Cellar to ferment. The Player can use these casks to age Juice, Wine, and Cheese. The process takes three days, and the result is an item of Purple Star Quality.

How Do I Build The Cellar?

To build the cellar, the player must first build their room and a nursery. Once this has been done, speak with Robin in the Carpenter’s Shop. She will offer to build the Cellar for you for 100,000 Gold. This is expensive but well worth the investment.

How Do I Forage Purple Star Items?

It is possible to Forage for Purple Star items. To do this, the player first has to level their Foraging skill up to level 10. At Level 5 players have the chance to choose between Forrester or Gatherer. To forage for the highest quality items, players must first select the Gatherer profession. This gives a 20% chance to harvest twice as much from any source.

At level 10, players will be given two additional options to level up the foraging skill. Players can choose either Botanist or Tracker. Botanist has the bonus of “Foraged Items are always highest quality.” This means that every item you forage will have a Purple Star.