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TMXL Map Toolkit

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TMXL Map Toolkit

by Platonymous

Formerly named TMXLoader. Renamed TMXL Map Toolkit as the pure .tmx-file-loading part of this mod is now part of SMAPI (3.2+)

New in 1.8.4

Image Layers for Buildables
To use Image layers their name has to end with “UNIQUEID” like “MyLayer-UNIQUEID”, though not on indoor-maps.
Coloring for Buildables
To allow coloring, the Image Layer needs to have two properties: “Color” holding a default rgba value like “255 255 255 255” for white and a “ColorId” proptery which can be anything. All layers that share a “ColorId” property will be colored the same way.

New in 1.8.0:
Buildables can be build or removed by pressing F2 (can be changed in the config file)
To remove the last Buildable placed on the map press BACKSPACE while having the menu open.
Regular buildable Map edits:
"buildables": [
"name": "Buildable",
"file": "assets/Buildable.tmx",
"iconFile": "assets/icon.png",
"set:": "Others"

"buildables": [
"name": "Some Building",
"file": "assets/SomeBuilding.tmx",
"iconFile": "assets/SomeIcon.png",

exitTile is the point where a player would warp to when exiting a building. to warp to that point use the Action or TouchAction ExitBuildable on the map or (with 1.8.8+) use BUILDINGLOCATION EXITXY in the Warp property, like “Warp” : “9 24 BUILDLOCATION EXITXY”.
On the Buildable (exterior) every INDOORS or UNIQUEID used in properties will be replaced by the generated values. to warp to the interior use for exp:
Warp 14 3 INDOORS

New in 1.4.2:
Setting festival spots for NPCs that don’t have one. 
Format festival spots:
"name": "Sandy",
"map": "Town-Fair", 
"position": [19, 35],
"direction": 1

New in 1.4.0:
Added a simpler way to add spouse rooms using the Spouse Room Template that you find under optional files
if you create a mod with the template, do not include the towninterior.png file when releasing it.

Important change in Version 1.3.0:
TMXL now uses SMAPI ContentPacks, which means all packs go directly into the mod folder and the ContentPack for the two Examples has to be downloaded seperately (Optional Files).

Includes two examples both ports of UlithiumDragons Mods (Cut Content & Jungle Temple).

Additional Layers and new TileActions will also work in maps not imported with TMXL.

Json Structure of ContenPacks content.js:


ShowAdditional Features:



Known Bugs:

Draw/DrawBefore/DrawAbove doesn’t always work with the Front layer.

Changed save serializer Warning
SMAPI warns that this mod “may corrupt your save files, or make them unusable if you uninstall” it.
This is because TMXL accesses properties that COULD be used to change the serializer in that way, but doesn’t actually change it.
So despite what the warning says, your save files will not be corrupted or become unusable when using or uninstalling this mod.

If you have any questions you can usually find me on the Stardew Valley Discord under the username Routine#8715

If you like my mods and want to support me, you can do so via Paypal or on Patreon.

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