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Skip Fishing Minigame

Author: DewMods

Created: 19 August 2018

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Thank you to all the generous people who have supported this mod through donations and kind words, it’s very much appreciated! I am humbled by the popularity of this mod. I hope you all continue to enjoy this fantastic game!

This mod removes the fishing minigame after you hook a fish. As long as you pull your line when the fish bites, you will catch the fish!
Optionally, you can now enable auto-fish so when a fish bites, they will be hooked without any input required (see CONFIG section).


  1. Just fish like you normally would!

1. Can I still catch legendary fish?

2. Can I still get treasure?

3. Are quality and size of fish affected?
Not at all, the vanilla Stardew Valley calculations remain unaffected.

4. What about “perfect” catches?
All catches are “perfect” by default. The % chance of a perfect catch can now be configured (see CONFIG section).

4.1. Why are my catches no longer “purple” rating?
Several factors can affect this, the main ones are:
– Fish quality (location)
– Daily luck
– Perfect catch (a perfect catch raises the fish rating by 1, e.g. gold -> purple)
– Casting strength

5. Will my Collection still update the number of fish caught?

6. Do I still get fishing experience?

7. Can you catch double-fish?
Received reports that double-fish can occur (thanks to user “skleetons”).

8. Why has it taken so long for you to update the mod?
Been busy with our 2 young children.

9. Where is the config.json file?
You must launch the game at least once after installing the mod for it to create the “config.json” file.

Example location:
e.g. “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Stardew Valley\Mods\SkipFishingMinigameDotnet5\config.json”

10. Does this work on Ginger Island / Festivals?

11. Does this work on multiplayer?
I’ve yet to thoroughly test local / online multiplayer. Please let us know your experience! [UPDATED: See below post]

09 June 2022, 9:21PM
I have tested the mod on multiplayer for an in-game year. No issue, works fine

12. The mod doesn’t work!
Highly appreciate the community contribution on the following info:
– Teh’s Fishing Mod has been reported to be incompatible with this mod unfortunately.
– I only test on the latest Steam version.

13. There is no “config.json” file!
If the “config.json” file is not being created for some reason:

You can create your own file and paste the below default values.
  "PerfectCatchChance": 100,
  "IsAutoHook": false,
  "IsIgnoreTreasureChests": false,
  "MinimumCatchesRequired": 0
Use the CONFIG section below to configure the values.

14. This mod breaks when there is a treasure chest!
Fixed in the latest version of this mod (v0.5.1)

15. I’m not getting any treasure chests!
There was a previous config.json which had treasure chests disabled. Please check the value for:
"IsIgnoreTreasureChests": false,and make sure it is set to false to find treasure chests again.

16. How do I edit the config?
Please follow the “Configure mods” section on:

Stardew Valley 1.5.6 hotfix #3
SMAPI 3.18.2


  1. Download latest mod file
  2. Extract the contents of the mod file to your Stardew Valley mods folder
  3. Launch Stardew Valley using SMAPI

YOU MUST launch the game at least once after installing the mod.

To edit the config, open the config.json file using any text editor (e.g. notepad).
e.g. “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Stardew Valley\Mods\SkipFishingMinigameDotnet5\config.json”

– Default value: 100
– Set to 75 for a 75% chance of getting a perfect catch.

– Default value: false
– Set to true to apply the Auto Hook Enchantment on the rod (NOTE: This is permanent unless you alter the rod using some other method. This mod does not remove the enchantment once it is applied)
– To remove the AutoHook enchantment, set IsAutoHook to false. The enchantment will be removed the next time the fishing rod is used.

– Default value: false
– Set to true to ignore treasure chests while fishing.

– Default value: 0
– Set to 3 to require successfully catching a fish type 3 times before the mod will start skipping the fishing minigame for that fish type.

– OBSOLETE. No longer has any effect

– OBSOLETE. No longer has any effect

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