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Shop Tile Framework

Author: Cherry

Created: 01 January 2020

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This mod doesn’t do anything on its own. However, with content packs it’s used to add stores into the game with fully customizable behaviour, including using custom items as currency.

Please make all bug reports in the Bugs tab, not Posts. I do not come on Nexus often and I can’t read all the comments, but I will look at bugs. For suggestions, please submit an issue to my github

To Install

  • Make sure you have the latest version of SMAPI installed
  • Unzip Shop Tile Framework into your /Mods folder
  • Download mods that add shops through STF and enjoy!

Stores for STF are defined using a shops.json file: the full format and explanation of possible fields can be found at this link

Some features include:

Custom Currency
Specify anything as your currency! Default store currencies are available: Money, Casino Coins, or Festival score. But you can also charge items, like the Desert Trader does. Want to sell pants that cost 5 parsnips and 100 gold? Done. Create custom JA items to use as the currency for a special store? Easy.

Custom Animal Stores
You can make stores that sell animals too, with a specific stock! Supports both vanilla and BFAV animals. You can also specify animals to remove from Marnie’s store, to allow animals to be sold exclusively from the custom store

Compatibility and Optional Dependencies
Shop Tile Framework has no requirements other than SMAPI. However, it supports custom items added in through Json Assets if installed.

You can safely add optional JA items to your stores without enforcing a hard dependency on those JA packs; if STF doesn’t detect the items, it simply skips adding them. The same for BFAV animals: if the user doesn’t have the animal installed, it will simply skip them.

Randomize stock and set conditions
STF allows an easy way to randomize your stock at the beginning of each day! You can fully control what items are available or not; having some items be available always, but some rotating is fully possible. Condition checking is also supported to have control over what items appear when, as well as when stores open

Ease of maintenance for selling JA Packs
STF optionally allows you to load entire JA packs into the store stock rather than specifying individual items. Have custom items to sell you’re planning to expand on over time? The shop will dynamically change the stock as you change the JA Pack, with no need to update the shop with your pack!

JA items can also be added directly to STF shops from the JA pack. There’s also an option to universally remove certain JA packs from vanilla stores, in order to declutter vanilla shops as items get added to your custom one

Place vanilla stores
Do you just want to open up a vanilla shop menu instead of a custom one? STF adds in tile properties that gives access to most vanilla shops, including special ones like Marnie’s animal store, Robin’s buildings, and Clint’s Geodes! The full list of tile properties can be found on the README

Edit Vanilla Stores
With Version 1.0.0, you can now apply the same format of creating custom stores to either add new items or entirely replace the stock of a vanilla store!

Find the source code of all my mods on my github


  • spacechase0 added a new API into Json Assets that allowed me to support JAPacks!
  • Pathoschild for pretty much literally everything, but also specifically helped answer a lot of my coding questions along the way!
  • TrentXV for testing and giving a lot of feedback on the animal shops!
  • kdau for helping me figure out mobile input
  • The PPJA team for being supportive and helping test!
  • The entire Stardew Valley Discord Modding Channel, for being awesome and helpful as always

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