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Ridgeside Village

Author: Rafseazz, mamaesh & RSV Council

Created: 13 December 2020

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Welcome to Ridgeside Village!
“The village at the side of the ridge!” – Lenny

Just up the stairs northeast of the bus stop and hop in the cable car to the village!Ridgeside Village is a massive expansion mod for the game Stardew Valley that spices things up without being too intrusive to the base game.Offering quality AND quantity in a bunch of features and content which includes a number of new NPCs that you can befriend and some even romance, new items, fishes, weapons, events, stories, and quests that blend well with the base game’s aesthetic and lore, and even late game challenges and rewards. Furthermore, you will be welcomed with the village’s custom-made musical theme, along with original musical scores unique for every marriageable NPC.Come and visit Ridgeside Village! Meet new interesting people with immersive backstories, engaging dialogue, and exciting events! Maybe even fall in love? Who knows!? A lot can happen in Ridgeside Village!

This mod was made by Rafseazz and MamaeshAssisted by the Ridgeside Council that formed right after Rafseazz released it as a solo project.Disclaimer:
The stories in Ridgeside Village are NOT canon to the real story of Stardew Valley.
Though, the mod aims to fit the vanilla aesthetic, lore, and feel in almost every aspect.

(Come join our Socials (see the socials section) to participate in polls by Rafseazz regarding mod content)


Over 50 New NPCs
22 New Marriage Candidates
Over Hundreds of dialogue for each NPC
Character Animations
Beach Sprites and Portraits
Unlockable NPCs
Festival Visits and Participation


Over 400 New Events
New Festivals
Friendship Events
Romance Events
Secret Events

Quests and Special Orders:

Over 50 New Quests and Special Orders
New Quest Boards
New Special Order Boards
Rotating Daily Quests
Unique Special Order Rewards
Main Storyline Quests
Side-Storyline Quests

Shops and Services:

Odd Jobs Services for farming assistance
Available Hotel Rooms for overnight stays
Medical Services for replenishing Stamina and Health
Outdoor Restaurant
Pastry Shop
New Seed Shop
New Sapling Shop
New Convenience Store
New Weapon Shops
Event Planning Services hosting Birthday Parties to Wedding Receptions
Clothing Shop
Loaning System

Food and Drinks

New Dishes and Drinks
New Unlockable Dishes
New Recipes

Foraging and Farming:

New Forage
New Tree Saplings
New Fruits


New Fishes
Aquarium Display Sprites
Can be raised and bred in Fish Ponds
New Legendary Fishes


Over 50 New Weapons
New Monsters

Items and Apparel:

Cursed and Blessed Relics
Quest Items
New Clothes
New Hats
New Boots
Lore Expanding Items
New Warp Totem and Obelisk


Separate World Map for Ridgeside Village
NPC Tracking in world map
Over 100 New Maps
Unlockable New Farm
Unlockable Greenhouses
Unlockable Caves
Puzzle Maps
Seasonal Maps
Over 100 New Location Strings
New Map Secrets
New Warp Stones
Vanilla Festival Map Expansions
More trashcans to rummage!


Original Music by Rafseazz
Romance themes unique per RSV marriage candidate
New seasonal music
New locational music

Technicals and Compatibility:

Config Files for customization
Light Intrusion with Vanilla Game assets ensuring good compatibility with almost any mod!
Stardew Valley Expanded and East Scarp Special Compatibility
Safe to Install in Existing Saves
Safe to Update in Existing Saves

Join the Ridgeside Village Community!
Discord – Wiki – Reddit – Twitter – Youtube
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Kofi – 

Patreon Kofi Supporters and Patreons receive sneak-peek and Beta testing benefits! Thank you so much for all the support! <3

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Is this compatible with Stardew Valley Expanded?
Yes, yes it is.

Is this compatible with (insert mod here)?
Ridgeside Village barely touches any vanilla/base game assets besides a small portion of the Bus Stop, and so, is fairly compatible with any other mod out there!

Do I need to start a new game to play this mod?
Nope! On the contrary, this mod is safe to install in an existing save. Though it is still BEST installed for a new playthrough for the best experience.

What will happen if I install this mod mid-save?
Nothing game breaking! Just the new NPCs acting like they already know the farmer/lack of introductions, sudden influx of events, and maybe random bushes or two in altered maps.

My quests and special order boards are blank!
Type in rsvrefresh in the console.

Mods that go well with Ridgeside Village:

Lunna – Astray in Stardew Valley
June – Custom NPC for Ridgeside Village
Zoedoll’s Mods for Ridgeside!
East Scarp
Always Raining in the Valley
Stardew Valley Expanded
Downtown Zuzu
Visible Fish
Flower Dance Fix
Warp Network
Generic Mod Config Menu
Diverse Stardew Valley
Show Birthdays
Holiday Sales

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