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PyTK – Platonymous Toolkit

Author: Platonymous

Created: 29 December 2017

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by Platonymous

PyTK 1.13.29 + SMAPI 3.4 changes to Map Edits

With SMAPI 3.4 map edits made in Tiled, saved as TMX files and imported with TMXL, CP or the SMAPI API can now contain:
– Rotated and/or flipped tiles
– External .tsx tilesheets
With PyTK installed also supported are:
– Extra map layers (Add the custom layer-property “DrawAbove” or “DrawBefore” with the value of a vanilla layer name)
– Image-Layers (as extra layers, use offset to position)
– Opacity for layers & tiles
– BackgroundColor map property to set the color drawn behind the map.
– “@WaterColor” custom map property to set the color of the water on the map
– “@Color” custom layer/tile – property to tint layers and tiles
– Offsets for layers and tiles are supported but tiles, while drawn with the offset, will disappear and show in game based on their non-offset position.

Custom Objects that use PyTK.CEH,  currently only work in single player or multiplayer if all players have the respective mod installed.

Changed save serializer Warning
SMAPI warns that this mod “may corrupt your save files, or make them unusable if you uninstall” it.
This is because PyTK accesses properties that COULD be used to change the serializer in that way, but doesn’t actually change it.
So despite what the warning says, your save files will not be corrupted or become unusable when using or uninstalling this mod.

In development.

Adds a few new ways to use smapi.



If you have any questions you can usually find me on the Stardew Valley Discord under the username Routine#8715

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