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Expanded Preconditions Utility

Author: Cherry

Created: 26 July 2020

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This is a modding tool for SMAPI mods, to add a condition-checking system to their mods, usually for use with content packs. This was created because there was a need in several of my own mods, and moving the conditions system to a separate mod allows me to maintain and update it for all my frameworks, and makes it available for any other mods to use.

This mod does nothing on its own

Instructions for players:
If a mod has this mod as a requirement, all you need to do is download and drop it into your mods folder

Instructions for modders:
Whether you are creating a mod to use Expanded Preconditions Utility, or a content maker creating a content pack using this, you can find all details in the README

Please make all bug reports in the Bugs tab, not Posts. I do not come on Nexus often and I can’t read all the comments, but I will look at bugs. For suggestions, please submit an issue to my github

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