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Custom NPC Exclusions

Author: Esca-MMC

Created: 01 November 2020

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Custom NPC Exclusions allows other mods to exclude NPCs from certain quests and events, especially those that randomly select NPCs. This can be useful for story or compatibility reasons, e.g. to prevent custom NPCs outside Pelican Town posting delivery quests, saying they purchased items from the local stores, etc.


1. Install the latest version of SMAPI.
2. Download Custom NPC Exclusions from the Files tab, the Releases page on GitHub, or ModDrop.
3. Unzip Custom NPC Exclusions into the Stardew Valley/Mods folder.

Mods that use Custom NPC Exclusions should now work correctly. For information about creating mods, see the GitHub readme.

Multiplayer note:

  • It is recommended that all players install this mod for multiplayer sessions. There are no known issues directly related to this mod, but NPC-related mods can cause unexpected errors if mismatched.

This mod was commissioned by FlashShifter for use with Stardew Valley Expanded‘s custom NPCs!

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