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Bigger Backpack

Author: spacechase0

Created: 05 February 2018

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Buy a bigger backpack at Pierre’s for only 50,000g! This backpack has 48 slots.

Note: run Stardew Valley once with this mod enabled to generate the config.json file.

  • BackpackCost: How much you have to pay to buy this backpack in the shop. Default = 50000).

Console Commands

  • player_setbackpacksize slots: Changes the size of your inventory. Valid values for slots are 12, 24, 36 and 48. Items in the removed slots will be spilled onto the ground.

This mod requires the following mods to be installed:

Known bugs
Please report bugs on GitHub or Nexus.

  • This mod does not support android / mobile.

To remove the mod, first run player_setbackpacksize 36 in the SMAPI console and safe your game.


  • Compatibility with upcoming SMAPI 4.0.
  • Added setting BackpackCost to modify the cost of the bigger backpack.


  • Add 64-bit support.


  • Allow content patcher mods, such as Garden Variety UI to override the custom assets used in this mod.

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