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Do you want to learn how to milk in Stardew Valley? You have come to the right place! Milk is incredibly useful in Stardew Valley. There are loads of things you can do with it. If you’re wondering how to get milk and what its uses are, look no further, you’re in the right place. Let’s dive right into it!

Stardew Valley Milk
Milk in Stardew Valley: Here you will learn how to milk in Stardew Valley!

What is Stardew Valley Milk?

Stardew Valley Milk can be produced by cows. The only other animal that produces milk in Stardew Valley is goats. Personally, I think cows and goats are a necessity on every farm!

How do you get Cows in Stardew Valley?

You will need a regular-sized barn that can be built by Robin and requires 6,000g, 150 stone and 350 wood to create. Therefore, if you don’t have a barn, you will need to stock up on these items and save up some gold.

Once you have a barn, you can purchase cows from Marnie by going to her Ranch. Each cow costs 1,500 gold and each goat costs 4,000 gold. The number of cows you can own depends on the size of your barn. Here is a list of how many animals you can own depending on what barn you have:

  • Regular-sized barn – 4 animals
  • Big barn – 8 animals
  • Deluxe barn – 12 animals

How to milk in Stardew Valley?

  1. Firstly, you must own a Milk Pail. This can be purchased from Marnie and it costs 1,000g. Once you own a Milk Pail, you will be able to milk the cows and goats every day if they are taken care of properly. Whenever you milk a cow using the Milk Pail, it will consume 4 points of energy and increase your farming experience by 5 points. Therefore, cows are a great way to increase your farming level!
  2. Once you reach farming level 10, you will be able to purchase an Auto-Grabber from Marnie for 25,000g. This will save you a ton of time, as it will automatically milk the cows for you in whichever barn it is placed in. If you’re new to the game, don’t worry, there is no rush to get to this stage!

Barns can be upgraded as you progress through the game. Therefore, the larger the barn, the more animals you can keep, and the larger number of resources you can produce. However, upgrades require a lot of items, so make sure you’re always saving up stone, wood, and gold. When you purchase cows, you will notice that they are cute little babies. Consequently, you must wait until they mature so that they can produce milk. A cow will usually mature in five days.

You can also check this amazing YouTube clip!

Types of Milk and their Selling Prices

There are two types of milk that can be produced. The first one is Normal milk which can be sold for 100g and Large Milk which can be sold for 150g (for cows). Goat Milk is worth a lot more than Cow Milk.

Other uses of Milk

There are several other uses of milk, let’s learn about all of them:

Creating Cheese

To create cheese you will need a Cheese Press. To create a Cheese Press you need 45 wood, 45 stone, 10 hardwood and 1 copper bar. However, you must be at farming level 6 to own one.

Cheese takes 3 hours to be processed and can be created from both types of milk. Regular Milk produces cheese that can be sold for 230g and Large Milk produces cheese that can be sold for 345g. Goat cheese is worth more than Cheese. Cheese made from regular Goat Milk can be sold for 400g and cheese made from Large Goat Milk can be sold for 600g.

A Cask can increase the price of cheese, the longer you leave it inside the Cask, the higher the price of the cheese will be. Consequently, cheese is a great source of income. Recipes that include cheese are cheese cauliflower, pizza, and pepper poppers.

Gifting Milk

There is only one villager that hates milk, and that is Kent. Dwarf, Elliot, Haley, Lewis, and the Wizard all dislike milk. However, everyone else likes/loves milk. Therefore, milk is always a great option if you would like to gift a villager!


Milk is a great way to increase your gold. There are several uses of milk and it is a great way to improve your farm. Therefore, if you are a new player, you should definitely save up resources and gold in order to get a barn and some cows/goats.

I hope you found this guide helpful!

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