What is the Stardew Valley Owl Statue?


If you have been playing Stardew for a while, then you’re probably already used to all types of mysteries and hidden clues or items in the game! This guide will focus on one of them – the Stardew Valley Owl Statue.

Why does the Stardew Owl just appear sometimes? What can you do with this rare item? Is it worth anything? These questions and more are what Stardew Valley players have been searching for on the web. However, this Stardew Valley Owl Statue guide will help you out with anything related to this rare item in the game.

Let’s dive into the main questions and see what we can learn about the Stardew Valley Owl Statue!

How to Get the Stardew Valley Owl Statue?

This is where it gets interesting. Players don’t really “get” this item in the game.

This stone owl just tends to show up on your farm unannounced! It can be difficult to guess when you will get your statue because a lot depends on chances.

However, there is one thing to consider. You only start having a chance to get your own Stardew stone Owl after your first year in the game! In all fairness, there is not much you can do to increase your chances, so you will just have to wait!

While you’re waiting for the rare item to appear, you can focus more on building important skills (for example, fishing or foraging) and creating the best farm layout for your needs.

How Does the Random Stardew Owl Appear?

You might already be thinking how to know when the random Stardew Valley Owl Statue appears in your farm!

And no, it’s not just about finding one randomly while walking around, there will be more clues!

So, how will you know that you got the Stardew Owl?

Basically, you will hear owl sounds from the outside while your character is sleeping during the night! Once you hear that, that’s when you’ll know that you can expect to find an owl statue somewhere in your farm!

Can You Sell the Stardew Owl Statue?

Sadly (or not!), you can’t sell the Stardew Valley Owl Statue. This is a purely decorative furniture item.

You won’t be able to sell it, but it can be a great addition to your farm if you have enough space for it! No wonder why its description is “Garden art for your farm“. If you have been looking for a perfect farm decoration, you might end up getting one for free randomly!

Of course, if you don’t want to keep the rare item on your property, then just put it in your inventory or in a chest.

P.S Yes, you can keep the Stardew Valley Stone Owl indoors too!

Stardew Owl Rarity

Let’s talk about the statistics of this whole thing. So, how rare is the Stardew Valley Owl Statue?

Basically, you have a 1 in 100 chance of getting a Stardew Owl after your first year in the game.

There is not really much you can do to improve your chances, so you will just have to wait until your lucky day comes!

However, there is one thing you can do to ensure that you don’t miss your chance! A lot of players tend to use up the majority of their farm for buildings, profitable crops, and animals. All that is great, but don’t forget to keep at least one empty tile for the Stardew Valley stone Owl Statue! Otherwise, you will never get this rare item.

Can You Move the Stardew Owl Statue?

As mentioned above, most of the time the Stardew Owl Statue appears in random locations on your farm. That creates a new question: can players move or rotate the Stardew Valley Owl Statue? Can you move this item despite it appearing in a random place?

However, yes, you can move the Stardew Owl in the game! It would be quite a questionable decorative item if you couldn’t even move it!

So, where will you put your Stardew Stone Owl? It’s completely up to you if you want to keep it in a random spot outside or if you want to bring it inside your house. If you still have some space in the farmhouse, then you can decide which room or area would benefit the most from.

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