Starfruit: Growing, Selling, and More

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Are you short on gold and want a profitable fruit for farming in Stardew Valley? This item guide will look at the crop that grows in humid weather – Starfruit.

The player holding a Starfruit on a Starfruit farm.
An ideal Starfruit farm in Stardew Valley.

Another year in Stardew Valley is something to look forward to in farming. Assuming you’re extraordinary at leveling up faster than expected, earning money is easier and more efficient. Sprinklers, better tools, and quality fertilizers are the best combination for generating income – but that’s another story.

However, this guide will talk about what a Starfruit is and why it’s valuable. You’ll get more gold with this yellow fruit of fortune!

What’s a Starfruit

In Stardew Valley, Starfruit is the second highest selling crop and the best option for Greenhouses or during Summer. It surpasses a Melon’s selling price and has better healing effects, as shown in the table:

Starfruit’s QualityEnergyHealth

How to Grow a Starfruit?

The player talking to Gunther, Sandy, and Traveling Cart to buy Starfruit seeds.
The best ways to get seeds of this crop.

Growing any crop needs seed. There are currently five ways to get started:

  • Oasis (Sandy’s Shop) at Calico Desert – 400g.
  • Traveling Cart near the Secret Woods at Cindersap Forest – 600g- 1000g.
  • Local Museum reward by donating 15 items.
  • Treasure Rooms inside Skull Cavern – 5 – 20 seeds.
  • Seed Maker

The best way to get seeds early in-game is by donating 15 artifacts or minerals to Gunther. After harvest, use the crop inside the Seed Maker to get more crop seeds. Otherwise, you’ll have to focus on repairing the Bus Stop by paying 42,500g on the Vault Bundle or 40,000g from the Joja Community Development Form.

Starfruits are available for harvest on the 13th day without fertilizers or Agriculturist profession. However, the yield time is significantly reduced by almost half with the two growth factors. Check this table for better visualization:

FertilizerGrowth Percentage (%)No. of DaysGrowth Percentage with Agriculturist (%)No. of Days with Agriculturist
Deluxe Speed-Gro25%1035%9
Hyper Speed-Gro33%943%8

Selling Prices

A selling prompt of Starfruit and its wine and jelly form.
Surprise yourself (or not) with profit by planting this crop and selling the produce!

You don’t get many high-profiting crops in Stardew Valley, but this plant is one of many exceptions. Since its base selling price is reasonable enough, it can scale higher with Artisan and Tiller professions, wines from Kegs, and jams from Preserves Jar.

Check out these numbers if it’s not convincing for you:

QualityNormalWith TillerWineWine with ArtisanJellyJelly with Artisan


In-game screen of the Junimo Hut construction with the Magic Ink inside the Wizard's Tower.
You can’t build Junimo Huts without nine pieces of the fruit.

After retrieving the Magic Ink, you can now build a Junimo Hut from the Wizard’s Tower. However, you’ll need nine Starfruits as one of the ingredients to enable construction.


Dye Pots and Sewing Machine at Emily's House using the crop.
It turns out this crop has good uses!

Placing a Starfruit and Cloth at the Sewing Machine will result in dyeable Genie Pants. Moreover, you can use the crop as a Yellow Dye on Dye Pots.


A couple of villagers have no interest in the fruit except Demetrius, Elliott, Harvey, Jodi, Kent, Leah, Linus, Pam, Robin, Sandy, and Shane. However, it’s not the best present to give.


A Starfruit is used in one quest:

  • A Soldier’s Star. Bring one to Kent after he mails you the request on Year 2 Summer 15. You’ll get 500g and one friendship heart with him as a reward.


You may pick this crop to donate from the Remixed Dye Bundle at Bulletin Board.

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