How to get Blue Chicken in Stardew Valley


The Blue Chicken is one of the rarest animals in Stardew Valley. You can’t obtain it via normal means. The Blue Chicken is a chance-based spawn. And it requires you to do certain things before you can have one.

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The Blue Chicken isn’t that exceptional in any way whatsoever. They’re the same as all types of chicken. But if you’re a completionist like me, you might as stop playing if you don’t have this chick.

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How to Get the Blue Chicken in Stardew Valley

The game allows you to get blue chickens in two ways. The first one is to buy from Marnie. Buying from here seems like the most efficient way of getting the blue chicken egg. If you can set up an unlimited money farming scheme, you can buy eggs as many times as you want. It’s relatively cheap, anyway.

The other one is to hatch one yourself. It doesn’t take a while for eggs to hatch from a chicken, but I find buying from Marnie the most efficient one. It’s costly, though. I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re just starting.

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Building a Coop to Start Hatching Blue Chickens

If you’re trying to hatch eggs yourselves, you need to have a coop. You’re gonna have one, regardless of whether you’re just building one for the chickens or nah.

Building a Coop requires you to have at least 34,000g, 1200 Wood, and 450 Stones. It’s important to have a coop of your own since it will house your animals and protect them from bad weather and nightly raids.

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Shane’s Hearts Event

If you managed to reach Shane’s 8 Hearts Event, you can now buy eggs from Marnie or start hatching blue eggs until you get one.

One of the best ways to get them is to do an order-canceling by buying from Marnie and continuously canceling ’til you get the right colors.

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